song zhongji song hye kyo wedding beautiful! user: for the wedding speech to take the drama only to accompany joe mei is worth

since the song zhongji song huiqiao and published romance, good news has continued.not only with the tour of bali, it is generous public marriage news, october 31 wedding.

recently, song zhongji wedding ciyan drama"kingdom"message one out, friends instantly explode"gods on joe sister is simply too good"~

song songji is currently preparing for the wedding with song hye kyo, many friends feeling song hye kyo happy, very envious of such a warm heart, wholeheartedly, have the value of her husband.bless the couple!

the fans have expressed their wishes,"the wedding is only once, of their own to meet,""they are not short of money, just like ordinary people in the life of the important time to give each other a perfect wedding, no regrets, when the money can not earn, the wedding on this time.shine on the screen when blooming glory, the enjoyment of life to enjoy life, blessing"

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