china's largest traitor of the united states to leave the united states to join the united states after graduation to withdraw from the money!

chinese sports have such a person, the older generation of sports people must remember hu na name, she used to be a chinese tennis sister, and changed the teammates and coaches of life trajectory.only 16 years old will get a national champion, high-spirited.but because of her move, her leader yang mingxun was dismissed; coach shen ji ball was implicated, was dismissed from the national team; her teammates li xinyi no longer be hired by the national team!

hu na to the united states when the private leave, to pursue a better development opportunities.but later to the united states asylum hu na, because of the lack of national team logistical support, his career also fell into a na participated in 16 grand slam events, but the results are very general, and later in the peak age helpless choice to na's tennis myth is down.

in 1996, huna settled in taiwan and slowly reintegrated into chinese circle, and married in 2004, when hu na and his parents returned home to visit relatives.she met yang mingxun, shen ji ball and other former coaches and teammates, but who did not get her apology.later, after an interview with the media, hu na said firmly:i never regret the original choice, no sorry for anyone.such a person's mind, really do not understand!

later, hu na put the cause of focus on the chinese 2014, an exhibition was held in beijing, where personal life was colorful.but the face of the coach, the face of the media, there is no repentance of the previous things."defector"nostalgia, who can understand it?

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