manual car to slow down the first brake or first step on the clutch?

when you learn to drive, we usually use manual gear to train.but get a driver's license, and now most people are no longer touch the manual block models.because compared to manual transmission, automatic transmission operation is more simple and convenient, open up easier to get started.and manual block a improper operation, it is easy to turn off or jump now, most people like to automatically block.

it is precisely because of this, we move manually more and more sparse the as manual manual slowdown, in the end is the first step on the brake or step on the clutch? in the high-speed and low-speed driving is not the same operation? i believe most of the new drivers are not's down to see it 1, ramp parking-first brake after the clutch

first step on the brakes, after the step on the clutch.when the clutch is trampled, the car is equivalent to the neutral state, there is no engine to contain, the car will appear slippery situation;

2, slow down the gear-the first brake after the clutch

after the four gears, need to slow down to the third gear; turn, u-turn, before stopping, to slow down from the third gear to the second block; this time, first step on the brake slowdown, such as speed down to the appropriate range, shift.

3, high-speed emergency stop or slow down-the first brake after the clutch

first step on the brakes, because the higher the car speed, the greater the inertia of the car, if the first step on the clutch, the car's inertia is even greater, so we must first brakes;

4, the site slowdown-p>

after some places such as bus stations, school areas and other requirements of the slowdown, and the speed of 30 below, then the light can be brakes, do not need to step on the clutch.

5, deceleration stop-first clutch brake

intersection encountered red light need to stop, or the last side of the parking, first step on the clutch, after the brakes.because the lower the speed of the car, the greater the frictional resistance of the tire and the ground, if the first brake on the engine easy to turn off.

6, emergency-at the same time clutch brake

encountered unexpected conditions, the need for emergency braking time, to clutch the brake at the same time step in the end, it will not turn off.

and some coaches say that sometimes you can not step on the clutch, in fact, the general step on the clutch of the two main types:

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