zhongtai t not black do not blow the owner of a thousand kilometers of the use of feelings!

let your car know a little bit every day, which is the original intention of my car information.today to bring you this is the thai t700, 2017 1.8t automatic distinguished type, the following we take a look at the owner in the daily car process, have encountered what the satisfaction of the place and which are not satisfied local.

personal opinion, i think the only and 700 to fight also wei sent, but not a price, expensive tens of thousands of it, i personally think suv i only like the appearance of domineering, so i preferred this car, headlight sharp eyes , a little bit of the meaning of the audi lamp factory, a little bit like it, in fact, the general paint it, i do not know how to distinguish well, look carefully, i feel the general, my taiwan that a lot of black scratches, paint factory manufacturers did not polish, and then do a polished again, much better, and some cases, other owners did not appear this situation, we mention the car before the check on the line.

the color of the interior, the best look i think or dumplings beige brown in the control, beige seat) for everyone to read, the interior color is divided into two parts, can be understood as the upper and lower half, as well as black beige, black brown these colors are more common, rare all black, all black, then it is domineering, dirty, beige is not too dirty, do not know is not leather, but the feeling is very comfortable, very upscale feeling, the console is best not to mention anti-skid pads, pad and then after the exposure, the skin will be wrinkled and blistering is not good, the new car taste almost no, maybe just a case, my friends say that no taste, but posted the film, there is that film taste, do not know how long to wait to disperse.

the location of the rear, the rear passenger space has several fists, the space is very large, the back of the head space is appropriate, the front row, then if my hair will be blowing up to rub the hair, not comfortable, the seat transferred to the minimum height, head space four fingers, the overall very satisfied, i think the front storage space is a bit small, the front row and not too much place to put the phone, can only put the armrest, the door on the water bottle can only put down, or put a little of the mineral water, the back of the storage is generally not on the top of a put a lot of water, trunk space is large, i put two large storage box.

the power can only say enough, smooth on the road overtaking han nothing , is uphill a bit weak, to greatly to the oil, d file is difficult to uphill, to switch to s or m file is manual mode, although up, or feel very difficult look, the engine roar voice let me a little bit of the heart could not bear, the steering wheel of this configuration is electronic help, understand the car opened my car after the said that too light, no sense of control, and this i did not feel, the throttle will have a little delay, , to step on the middle part of the brake effect, the braking effect is also good, very few brakes, sixty yards in a very short distance to stop.

oil, the average count down a dollar a kilometer, the middle of high-speed fuel consumption is low, there is a period of time fuel consumption is high, the overall average operator down is now the case, the current fuel consumption is about 13 oil, comfort on the general, but the seat comfort is very good, good wrap, feel with the softness is just right, but the car is not the same as the car, empty.adjust the effect is actually very good, that is, the rear adjustment will not be used, do not know how to turn behind the back.

well about the owners of the place and not satisfied with the place is above these, in the car owners to thank the car to share the details of the car, since it is the owner of the dissatisfaction, subjective color, so we test drive also need to experience their own look, that these dissatisfaction is not a high demand for the car, just to make everyone more clearly understand the car only.choose its advantages to accept its shortcomings.

if you are also the owner of the thai t700, you are welcome to communicate with each other in the comments area below, get a little more information, let more riders more understanding, why not, we are below the comment area goodbye!

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