it's incredible! inventory science can not explain the supernatural phenomenon!

all along, people think that science has the ability to interpret everything in the world.the fact that these facts have made people feel great for the great power of the natural sciences, and although many of the world's phenomena have been explained, we have to sigh in today's limited science within the scope of knowledge, scientists can not explain all the natural far, for the origins of the universe, as well as the formation of religious beliefs, scientists have not been able to have a reasonable answer.also in the supernatural world, often because the scientists do not have enough information, many mysterious phenomena have not been a conclusion.although some of these phenomena can be a day to get a perfect explanation, but no wonder nature, many phenomena are still a mystery.

placebo effect

the development of this discipline in the beginning is only to help understand how mental emotions affect human health.for example, the placebo effect is an unstable state that can vary with the nature of the disease, the mental state of the disease, the degree of discomfort or illness, the self-evaluation, and the changes in the medical staff's words and deeds and the environment.the self-healing ability of mankind is surprising, far greater than any of the inventions of medicine today.

the existence of the ability, the so-called sixth sense.many people believe that intuition is also a form of human super power exists, is a kind of without the analysis, reasoning process of knowledge and directly to the ability to judge quickly.researchers have been experimenting with those who claim to have super powers, but in limited scientific conditions, the results are not optimistic, or their interpretation is vague.some scientists argue that clinical trials can not be used to study the sixth sense of mankind, or that in the skeptical scientist's research process, the sixth sense of mankind does not work for some reason.if this is the case, the human super powers will never get the interpretation of the scientific community.

reported that some people in the vicinity of death will have a variety of bizarre experience, such as through the time tunnel, and the beloved people re-will, or have a harmonious and quiet feeling and so on.these facts may imply that there is a world outside of human living space.although these experiences are experienced by people, but no one can from this"beyond life and death"phenomenon to find any evidence and useful information.while other scientists disagreeing that these"transcendence"experiences can be interpreted as a natural and predictable illusion of the damaged brain.but there is no definite theory for this interpretation.

many people have been in the the sky has been found in the ufo, from the aircraft to similar meteor objects, there is no doubt that this"alien"is there.whether or not these objects come from aliens, it seems unlikely that these flying objects will actually reach the earth through the long distance through the universe.scientists have now revealed the fact that most of these phenomena occur, and there are still some facts that do not have a clear scientific explanation.

, meaning the deja vu.people are sometimes familiar with the sight of the front, seems to have happened, but you are clear that this is the first time to face this scene.for example, a woman in a foreign land into a building, she may suddenly feel that they have arrived here or have a very familiar scene, but the fact that she had never been before.some scientists explain this illusion is a psychological phenomenon, or a kind of foresight.although we can use human psychology, such as intuition, to provide a reasonable explanation.but the nature and reason of this phenomenon is still a mystery.

suddenly disappeared, mostly due to people or fleeing, or died of accidental traffic accidents, or kidnapped to kill, but these missing people eventually found.this is not a true sense of the bizarre missing.there have been a lot of facts that show that many people have disappeared without any trace, such as jimmy hoffa, the missing president of the american union, who can not investigate the bizarre by police and court science because of the lack of relevant evidence and clues case.

no matter what we call intuition,"sixth sense"or any other term, people at some point have experienced this experience.of course, intuition is often not many times did you ensure that the aircraft landed safely in the event of turbulence? but we seem to be able to get the moment when things happen.psychologists believe that people in the subconscious to collect a variety of surrounding information, this information to help us to predict certain things, and we do not know how these things happened, do not understand why they can the same time we are also difficult to explain the mystery, even the psychology can only give some explanation of the phenomenon

in the past few years, there have been witnesses about the fact that savages appear in the americas, and they usually present large, hirsutism and other similar general characteristics of people.

but there is no evidence of the existence of any savage.there has never been a report about the capture of a savage by a hunter, a car that has been speeding or killed by natural death.because of the lack of savage teeth or bones such as the strong evidence, the existence of wild people can only rely on witnesses or fuzzy photos support.nevertheless, the scientists can not find savage like animals do not exist signs, these mysterious beasts are likely to lurk in the eyes of the world.

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