do not make sense of the game the most embarrassing game part of the picture raiders look to ensure that you complain!

the most 囧 game 2, is a nonsensical game, dabu bun hole, in my last article, there are players to me to this game raiders, i immediately sorted out to everyone , in fact, i played after the brain is not enough to think that some of the problems are nowhere to start, 囧 to let me once suspected of life.the top 10 off is still relatively simple, do not go into details.

[12 off]

the screen will be reversed, and then the four models of the skirt will fall, the underwear will be exposed, then you understand, the lower left corner that is the target......

13 off]

combine the two 0 into infinite symbols, cross the border.

shake the game device, let the apple fall to smash the newton, get off.

the combination of the two patterns shown is a pentagon.

pumpkin is not fruit oh.


first move the screen to erase the blue box on the logo on behalf of women's skirt, and then drag the boy into the toilet, get the workers.


think of it

[19 off]

shake the game device, clearance.

must be the number of newton asleep when there are a few that symbol, pay attention to the last question screen also has one, so to add one.the answer is not fixed, pay attention to the last picture of the symbol should be added.

after the introduction of the period, do not ask why......

[22] off

click the image shown in the pull down like a strawberry word, do not ask why......


put the feet of the two words on the shoulders of the word above, cross the border...


want more


the upper right corner of that, you understand.

this is generally

point once 8, and then twice again.

"vivian", the keyboard on a string of letters together is a"v".......................

pull up the word.

follow the prompts by pressing

order click, pay attention to the yellow box when the fourth time will turn white, stop waiting for him to change back to yellow and then point.

if you are interested in any of the games welcome to comment on the message, xiao bian try to meet everyone's request, thank you.

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