ghost know what went through! earth has not seen the sun for two years into endless darkness

in the long history of the earth, there have been many extinctions of species, of which the permian mass extinction event is the largest extinction event in the history of the earth, 95% of the extinction of marine life, and the rest of the 5% and evolved today's colorful and colorful earth ecosystem.65 million years ago that the extinction is also very famous, it dominated the earth's dominance-dinosaurs forever disappeared.

about dinosaur extinction, modern science has basically identified what happened that disaster-huge asteroids fall into the western hemisphere, triggering intense geological activities, including earthquakes, shocking tsunamis, continuous volcanic eruptions, this series of events produced an extremely complex climate effect, and ultimately the dinosaurs completely disappeared.


will intense climate change really cause such a serious extinction of the species? the it was incredible for some people.but what you do not know is that after the asteroid hit the earth, the earth fell into the state of"dark days"that lasted for nearly two years.this darkness is caused by the intense geological activity of the dust caused by the sunshine, the earth's plants can not be photosynthesis, the earth will be a sharp cooling.these two factors will destroy many plants, thus undermining the global food chain, eventually leading to mass extinction.

although scientists have long discovered the evidence that this giant asteroid falls into the earth, how long the earth is still dark is still not a definite statement.the american national atmospheric research center(ncar) project scientist, charles bardeen and his colleagues, measured the weight of dead dust in the atmosphere through the latest geological record-between 750 billion kilograms and 35 trillion kilograms.then, the researchers carried out several different simulations based on these data to determine the impact of the dust on the earth's climate over the years after the asteroid impact.simulation results show that although most of the dust will soon be from the atmosphere, the dust will be from the atmosphere., but such a large amount of dust, if left in the air, is enough to produce the impact of the destruction of the world-they block 99% of the sun's rays in nearly two years, and the photosynthesis of marine life when the sun reaches 1%, it will is catastrophic for the entire food chain to fall into the darkness of the earth so that phytoplankton in the ocean can not get photosynthesis and lose the addition, the researchers also found that even if the dust content reduced to one-third of the estimated value of marine plant photosynthesis will stop for one year.

in addition to stopping photosynthesis, these dusts also block solar radiation from reaching the ground , so that the earth becomes is estimated that after three years of great impact, the earth's land and ocean temperatures will drop by 28 degrees celsius and 11 degrees celsius, this case, the global precipitation will be reduced by more than 7 percent, and even the monsoon will stop.the earth becomes dark, frozen, and barren world.

of course, the dust in the atmosphere will be cleared, water vapor and ice will the dust is washed off, eventually bringing the atmosphere back to the previous level.according to the scientists, this process will occur 7 years after the asteroid hit the earth, the sun and most of the precipitation will be restored, in the next 10 years, the climate will gradually return to normal.unfortunately, even in the dark for two years, there are still some places where the earth has enough sunshine to let plants and animals survive and survive the dangerous extinction.the same is true of other extinctions, and even 95% of the species disappear, and the rest of the species will eventually be able to re-fill the entire earth, which is also a miracle of life creation.