the body of these parts may be large veins signs!

the so-called"blue veins", that is, subcutaneous visible blood vessels.experts believe that the veins exceptionally violent, indicating the body's sputum, wet, rash, poison and so there has been stagnation.this time, venous blood reflux will be blocked, the pressure will increase, and the blue veins in the human body surface.

appear convex, varicose, discoloration and other reflection.

"yellow emperor"cloud:"meridians, the final death of the actual situation, can not unreasonable."so the blue barrage is the performance of human sub-health, and even can cause serious illness.



hand back veins suggest lumbar back stagnation, easily lead to lumbar strain, fatigue, fatigue, common back pain, and even muscle tension, hard nodules.


the blue veins on the back of the fingers are black and may suffer from cervical hypertrophy or lumbar spondylosis.


finger veins

adult finger veins, not only prompted the digestive system problems, but also reflects the head of microvascular disorder, cerebrovascular insufficiency , head discomfort, severe dizziness, headache, stroke.


palm blue veins

(1) large fish with blue veins, often tips back pain and lower extremity rheumatoid arthritis.(2) wrist horizontal lines have blue veins, often prompting gynecological diseases, such as irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge, vaginalis, vaginalis wait.(3) neiguan blue veins tend to prompt the heart of the disease, such as myocardial strain, upset, heartbeat, heart boredom, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat , insomnia and more dreams.(4) neiguan blue veins closer to neiguan points, the sooner the heart of the symptoms; neiguan(department of internal medicine, blue veins more convex, twisted, purple, then the more serious heart disease.even indicates that the heart will be a serious illness.

(5) near the lifeline of green ribs, more common in the liver and gallbladder function metabolism problems, easy mouth bitter, irritability, chest tightness, liver disease.

(6) tigers lifeline with green veins, ladies more common in menstruation before and after breast pain.

pattern with blue veins, suggesting easy on the right side of the shoulder inflammation.

(8) thumb refers to the palm of the joint stripes have blue veins raised, twisted, suggesting that the heart of coronary atherosclerosis.purple and black is the onset of coronary heart disease.

(9) refers to the palm joint stripes with blue veins raised, twisted, purple, suggesting cerebral arteriosclerosis.(10) fingers blue veins, and even shallow to even the fingers can be seen between nodes, suggesting that the stool has stagnation.

stool.change the bowel habits, the blue veins will gradually pale, disappear.

veins tend to suggest dizziness, headache; when the temple veins raised, twisted, said cerebral arteriosclerosis; purple, it is easy to stroke.

once the stroke is not dead or disabled, early detection can be prevented as early as possible.

, stress, work pressure or mood pressure, may be suffering from hyperthyroidism, diabetes.

, easy stomach pain, abdominal distension, indigestion, stool adverse; purple when the situation is more serious.


bags under the eyes of blue veins

as the saying goes, spleen deficiency bags, eye bags of blue veins, often prompted gynecological diseases, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge.

mouth cheek under the blue veins

mouth cheek under the blue veins tend to prompt gynecological diseases, under the wet weight, fatigue, fatigue, soft lips, lower limb rheumatism; may be suffering from rheumatism or lower limb disease


sublingual veins

sublingual veins correspond to the coronary arteries of the human heart, easily cause heart disease, strain, if the blue veins raised, twisted, purple dark, is prone to coronary heart disease.



chest and abdomen blue veins more attention to breast hyperplasia, by the breast, pain, emotional depression.


abdominal blue veins

as the saying goes; this is already more serious stagnation; adult cirrhosis of the ascites, abdominal veins tend to be more difficult to cure the disease.



knee blue veins suggest knee swelling, rheumatoid arthritis.

like to go hot when the hot people.

because the cold into the bone injury, which is many people do not pay attention to the daily life of the problem, the last long product into the disease, and even affect the high blood pressure is difficult to decline.

stagnant reflection.

green is the accumulation of the key is to clear the bowel detoxification, bowel detoxification and catharsis concept is different, many people always thought that every day stool are normal, ignoring the bowel detoxification.

brown rice

purified blood vessels, detoxin

protein, cellulose, minerals, iron and vitamins, can effectively improve the body immunity, purify blood vessels, promote metabolism and blood circulation, to help digestion and cleaning the stomach, for the intestinal transport of a steady stream of energy.

studies have shown that long-term eating brown rice will help toxins from the body, in addition it can balance blood sugar, prevent excessive uric acid, prevent constipation and colon cancer.

ingredients:brown rice, black beans, red bean, soybeans, eyebrow beans, green beans.

1, the five kinds of beans were washed clean.

2, black beans, soybeans soaked with water for 2 hours or so, remove and drain the water.3, red beans, eyebrow beans, green beans, brown rice soaked with water for about 1 hour, remove and drain the water.

4, the pressure cooker into the 6 bowls of water, put the drain of brown rice and beans boiled, the fire began to cook, boil the pot to open the valve, and other valves and gas in the fire and then cook for 15 minutes after the fire off.

5, and then on the pot stuffy, the best boring 15 to 20 minutes, you can eat.spinach can clean up the stomach of the human body heat poison, prevention and treatment of constipation, make people radiant; spinach leaves contain a......

kind of insulin-like substances, can keep blood sugar stable.spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants, with anti-aging, and promote cell proliferation, both to activate the brain function, but also to promote the proliferation of the brain, but also enhance youthful vitality, to prevent aging of the brain.

frying spinach to promote digestion, anti-aging

ingredients:spinach, oil, salt, chicken.


1, spinach picked the old leaves, yellow leaves, the root resection.soak and wash away.

2, put the amount of vegetable oil in the pot, the oil burned into seven or eight into the heat.

3, the spinach into the pot stir-fry, stir-fry until all discoloration, add appropriate salt, add appropriate amount of chicken seasoning, stir fry serve.


clear toxins, anti-colorectal

chinese medicine experts pointed out that kelp is alkaline food, rich in iodine can promote the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood.kelp contains a substance called sulfuric acid polysaccharide, can remove the blood vessels attached to the blood vessel wall, so that cholesterol to maintain the normal content.

hypocrella in kelp due to high water content, in the intestine can form gel-like substances, help to eliminate toxins, to prevent the body to absorb lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, remove the body of radioactive elements, help to treat atherosclerosis, and to prevent the occurrence of constipation and colorectal cancer.

spicy fried kelp silk to protect the blood vessels, toxins

ingredients:kelp, pepper, ginger.


1, kelp shredded, green pepper slices, pepper, ginger cut a good spare.

2, the pot filled with qi cheng into the pepper, ginger fragrant, into the sea with silk stir fry.3, add appropriate salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, into the green pepper fried off the students, add a little chicken before the seasoning seasoning.

usually pay attention to their own parts of the body of the blue veins situation, if found to be different on the more attention to the.after reading to remember to see your relatives and friends, they will feel your concern.

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