private life the most chaotic three actress looks very beautiful and travel are luxury cars

some of the domestic female stars, usually do not know how to control, once the"private life"was found by the paparazzi so many fans sad, and they are private living the most chaotic three actress, looks very beautiful, and travel is a luxury car!

this is xu jinglei, the appearance looks very quiet, but the heart is very crazy wild, first love boyfriend is wang xuebing, and then han, huang and zhang yadong and so many stars pass the scandal.

xu jinglei daily travel is a car worth more than 40 million car buick gl8, equipped with 2.5l v6 naturally aspirated engine, the highest speed, but 190 km, do not look at the car, but 40 million, most families still can not afford.

the above figure is this one is gong li, according to incomplete statistics , the scandal boyfriend up to 8, from zhang yimou to sun honglei, and then to the foreign boyfriend, peach blossom as their own career is generally strong.

her daily travel is a million car worth audi q7, equipped with 3.0t v6 twin turbocharged engine, the maximum speed of up to 230 km, the maximum horsepower 333 horses.

female star in the most international, there is the international star zhang ziyi , in addition to some male stars and she has sex scandal, there are top riches and foreign slants, and now married to wang feng, be secure.

when the car is a value of 2.15 million luxury car audi r8, equipped with 5.2l v10 naturally aspirated engine, 100 km to accelerate only 4.4 seconds.

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