hong kong's chen long finished ahead of li donggan to qualify for the dubai finals

dragon beijing time on november 24, 2017, hong kong, china open badminton championship end open men's singles quarter-finals for exhibition, chinese dragon in the game against the south korean contestant lee dongguen, he easily won 2-0 got a four places.in the semi-finals, chen long's opponent will be denmark's anders anderson.

hong kong is no stranger to chen long, who won the championship here in 2012.in the first round of the competition, chen long took south korea's veteran lee off the first round of the first round and turned the chinese taipei's wang ziwei into the top eight in the second round of the second round.in the quarter-finals against li donggan, chen long's victory was expected, after four times in the previous two, chen long's four-game win.

, from the game, chen long's status is obviously better than his opponent.first inning after start, two people take the lead in entering stalemate, the score from 1 draw has been to 5 ping, since then, the dragon has boosted its kill the ball quality, leading started from 7 to 5, and 15 than 10 opened the gap in the bureau.since then, lee has made a 2-point difference between 16 and 18, but at the critical moment he has scored two points for the next city, 21-16.in the second inning, li donggen failed to pose too much threat to chen long on both ends of the defense, and chen long was firmly in control of the situation through the transfer before and after the start of the 8-3 opening.19 to 9 after a big lead, dragon some slack rivals even saved two match points, but between two people of the gap is too big, dragon eventually 21 than 13 easy to win a game, thus the 2-0 victory over rivals.

it is worth mentioning that the semi-final opponents will be danish star ann eastern dragon, the dragon and ann eastern for the third time in a month, french open dragon bitter three innings 2-1 defeat to eastern, china open, 6-2 dragon bureau completed for emc's revenge.the two men met again, and presumably another close match.

, in addition, the 2017 world badminton finals men's list of 8 seats has been announced.as the world badminton federation last stand conventional super series throughout the year, hong kong"in the last four help dragon completed two general in hong kong, even if only 2300 points behind the dragon, the emc in the semi-final win over him, dragon will go to dubai to the identity of the 8th, but change after the dragons of lin even win cannot complete the dragon points on the beat, so dragon is now determined to lock a tickets for the finals.for the up-and-coming new division's olympic champion at the start of the year, the late season may have been an important confirmation of his recovery.

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