bi fu jian left cctv after he left cctv

since lzsb from cctv, many people are extremely concerned about lzsb, until lzsb to his former colleagues founded cctv company work, just seems to be the dust settled, we all know the lzsb laid off after the real fu jian as a public figure, is now the downfall of how much is also to blame?.

recently, finish my grandfather wearing red t-shirts unshaven appeared in the airport, no show low-key with ordinary passengers no knowledge.look from the picture, although someone gave him a cigarette, but it is difficult to hide a face down and out, the man seemed to be very tired appearance, and compared the image of the humor in the show before the obvious vicissitudes of life a lot.

is the little-known, finish my grandfather is from all the audiences are restless, perhaps his athleticism is also have finish grandpa's cv:a team, a former soldier, the spring festival gala, the township, painted comic, learned calligraphy, take an examination of university, dry film leader, worked as a club, director of the youth director, as a youth corps committee secretary, just after cameraman, took the microphone, or even the first chinese reporters into the north pole!

in lzsb finally be cctv a large coffee, for several years as a show host, especially the"avenue of stars"hosted by unexpectedly no one can replace,

than ever, lzsb before in cctv's scenery and nature cannot be compared to now, the salary is also can't and compared before.looking at his worn and a face of haggard face, many netizens sighed for it.

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