what about the brakes?just this one trick is enough for old drivers

brake on this topic, perhaps a lot of people don't want to touch, because everyone is not willing to meet such a narrow escape, especially on the highway.although the probability of a brake failure is negligible, it is necessary to know what we should do if the brakes fail.how can we save our lives?it is a positive solution to be prepared.

in fact, even the brake failure, as long as you can take the right remedial measures, or able to head off a danger.now, let's talk about what we should do.

1.try to stay calm after the brakes are broken.don't do anything at this time.just hold the steering wheel.don't try to drive on the right side of the car because of the tension.

2.this is the core step and the most important step.all in all, the principle of engine braking.

immediately on the clutch and the boom throttle directly, if you had hung is a 5-speed, hang directly into the third, after the speed stable again on the clutch, hit the gas, then hang into 1 file.remember shift order is 5-3-1, boom throttle above is for the purpose of smooth downshifts, but want to remember, don't gears directly from 5 to 1, otherwise it's hard to hang in, and transmission principle of work, this here did not elaborate, will talk about later.

3.when you hang in 1 gear, the speed should come down and then rely on the handbrake, provided that your hand brake must be pulled.in the process of the hand brake, do not pull the handbrake to die, so the handbrake wire can easily be broken off.the correct method is a loose one, repeated many times, until the car stops.

these methods are actually comes from the mouth of an old driver, is proven by actual, if operating in strict accordance with the above method, is completely can help you out of the woods yet.

, but it's definitely going to be someone who says, why don't you just put out the fire, the car will lose its power in a flash, so it's not more direct?the reason why ji didn't advise you to do this is that there is a reason for it.why, why, we leave it until tomorrow, so please pay attention to it.

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