what would happen if humans entered the high-dimensional universe?


we're in three dimensions now, in three dimensions.time is a continuum, in other words, time is gone and cannot be reversed.have you ever imagined that you might be able to go back to the past and into the future in the higher latitudes and realize the traverses that are often referred to in movies and television.

some people think the idea quite impractical.in fact, if humans were able to get into high enough latitude, they could travel freely in time.then, let's see what happens if humans can get into high latitudes.

if we entered the fourth dimension, we can stand in front of the timeline, browse the lifetime of most objects in the universe, from birth to death.in three-dimensional space, the lifetime of an object may be very long, but in four dimensional space, the object of life is accelerating, show in front of us, let us have a illusion of watching movies.

if we can go to five dimensions, we will be able to see in different periods of yourself, for example, can see innocent and lively brilliant ten years ago, also can see 10 years ago.through time and social integration, mature and sedate self, this has achieved a certain degree of crossing.

the divergent thinking further, if we're lucky enough to enter to the six dimensions of space, we will be able to meet again what magical things?

scientists speculate that in six dimensions, we can not only see different ourselves, we can also change their own destiny.for example, we entered the six dimensions, see oneself of 10 years ago don't study hard, lead to the 10 years after their due to insufficient knowledge reserves and frustrating, when looking for a job at this moment, we can go to change a decade ago, artificially to 10 years ago to greater efforts.

the scientific community believes that the universe exists in the highest latitude was the tenth latitude, if can enter the tenth latitude, estimation is to play the role of god, you can freely control of everything in the universe!