strange asteroids are flying to earth for christmas!the sky or the wonders

according to the british"daily mail"reported that recently, astronomers found a giant in deep space, width is about 5 km(3 miles), it was named 3200 phaethon, more attention is that it will be close to the earth around christmas!

at the university of the russian federation astronomers first found this giant asteroid, it is named after the legendary gods phaethon greece, in greek mythology, phaethon is the child of the sun god helios, which coincide with the asteroid will pass in the sun, in the legend, phaethon almost destroyed the earth, and the giant asteroid by nasa described as"potential threat"near earth asteroids.

basically the size of an asteroid hit the earth events related to the size of the asteroids, they are estimated, need not mars hit the earth, a diameter of more than 1 km of an asteroid hit the earth positive could cause extinction and chaos of the world.

if an asteroid size up to 5 km and 10 km, so the size of the positive impact earth enough to put an end to human civilization.which 3200 phaethon is such a giant asteroid, nearly five kilometers let by the size of the asteroid 3200 phaethon for the earth is a great threat, and it will be close to the earth after a month!

russian astronomer predicts that it will begin to enter after december 17th, near the earth's orbit, then it will be over the earth at about 6.4 million miles from earth orbit, this is expected, some subtle differences can affect the distance, however, for the earth is a temporary security.

astronomers have discovered the asteroid's various unusual features, that make them feel confused, such as its unusual orbit, this is a close to leap the asteroids of the sun, before leave the asteroid is not like the same time, scientists have found that asteroids are still falling in large chunks, like could be said that this is a unique object that has both asteroid characteristics and comet characteristics.

, but after studying its orbit, astronomers found that its origin was in the asteroid belt between mars and general, icy comets come from the unexpected cold space of neptune.

some scientists suspect that the strange asteroids is a comet debris, but for some reason, into many pieces, only remaining the largest a flyby of the earth's orbit.scientists believe that some earth may even have a meteor shower when the asteroid is flying near earth's orbit.

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