a picture tells you how deep the world's deepest oil well is

the world's deepest wells located in the russian far east sakhalin island, z-44 chayvo wells up to 40000 feet(12.345 kilometers) under the surface, the equivalent of 15 height of the world's highest skyscraper khalifa, hot-air balloon record twice.in extreme depths, scientists use the screams of 'death' to describe the sound of drilling.

the next chart tells you how deep the world's deepest oil well is.

the world's deepest wells called z-44 chayvo, located in the russian far east luo dongsi sakhalin island, a remote corner of up to 40000 feet(12.345 km) deep, the equivalent of 15 the world's highest skyscraper burj khalifas, hot air balloon flight level 2 times, more than boeing 747 flight level.

is extremely difficult to dig so deep, but it is very important for its operator, exxon neftegas ltd., the sakhalin oil field has a proven reserves of 2.3 billion barrels.

, before the z-44 chayvo, the famous kola superdeep borehole has a record of drilling depth.

is located in the eastern part of russia, just 10km from the norwegian border, and the kola superdeep borehole well was built in the soviet era in the 1970s and reached 12.262 km in depth.it was suspended in 1992.soviet scientists at the time gave it a nickname, hell.

in the depth of its most extreme, scientists' screams of death"to describe the sound of drilling

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