western scientists believe that people may return to earth after their deaths

:there is no soul after human death, and the problem has been around people's mouths, and many people think it's a superstition.in science, some scientists want to experiment.take a look at the views of western scientists.

a, einstein

einstein, the great physicist, in his"theory of relativity"he think like this:the soul of human brain memory group.and brain waves, which are things like radio waves, are emitted by memory groups.when waves of brain waves travel through the air, information will be accepted if the same person encounters the same frequency.after a person loses their life, the brain waves are converted to memory radio to wander through the air, and eventually the result will return to a radio layer outside the atmosphere.over time, it will take about 150 years.or in the universe, affected by some of the suspected effects, will return to the world, occupy a new life, control the new life.

2, sam * pannonian

he is thought, m.d., and is the first use of precision measuring instrument that the soul is real.

3, john * * feng newman

the global famous mathematician, and is known as"the smartest person in the world".he also made a similar point of view:the human body is likely to have an immaterial knowledge of the brain and remote-control substances that control the body.

4, john * ike

he said has the invisible communication between nerve cells in each other substances, is the composition of the soul.

, if you have a soul, and you have to look at the development of science, you have to speak with precise facts.

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