the woman wants too strong a characteristic not to know!

1, eyebrows dry

brow lust on behalf of the palace, also on behalf of the pathogenesis of diseases, and women desire is strong, the diseases with excessive diarrhea, performance on the eyebrows is dry without color.

2, eye end a green red

couples palace of the red, canthus is called on the tail position reading couples palace.the woman wants to be strong, here will appear cyan, or raw black spot, black dot, or have the line of green red.

3, neck neck wrinkle increase

medical, thyroid developed, the neck will be relatively coarse.women's desire is strong, and the neck will swell and thicken when excited.after the climax, the neck will become thinner and the neck will become muscle relaxation, and the line of the neck will increase.

4, tears don black

below the eye, the eye bags, called the men's and women's palace on microscopy, or tears.the director of the men and women, is closely related to kidney qi.the small women with high lacrimal bandage have strong desire, if the area of the tear hall is black, this is the house affair too much.

5, more than three supercilious men and women lust

three supercilious look, whether boys or girls, have desire, and not be restricted by the traditional ideas, acting style is bold and direct.such a woman is unsatisfied and unfaithful.

6, oral is

oral represents passion, is a barometer of physical contact with the opposite sex.the excessive sexual desire of men and women must show up on the lips, and when you find the woman next to you begins to use a heavy colored lipstick, it is her lip color, which is the result of overindulgence.

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