why do so many cars do not do the toll stations etc?here's why

i started using etc many years ago, when the whole country was not connected to the internet.around in september 2015, national practice etc networking, i october road trip from guangzhou to inner mongolia, etc, all the way don't line up, very convenient traffic efficiency is very high, also don't hold up time.

but now take the every day, there are many people lined up to pay cost, there are a few people, may have etc, have no money in my card, or public transport, to have invoice to reimbursement, because top-up invoice amount is relatively large, some companies to submit an expense account strictly, routes and time locking, in not to submit an expense account.

and queuing expends most of not opening etc, i think for several reasons, many cities etc for inconvenient, although now a bank to deal with very convenient, but you have to know some of the less developed 3 or 4 cities, most of the people on the banks rely on is very few, is not willing to with these new things, thought will be very complicated, so dragged don't do, this and the idea of people has a lot to do.in the future, more and more cars are on the road, more and more of the toll-gate etc lanes, and the queuing fee is becoming more and more blocked.there will be more and more people going to etc.this will require a process.besides, the total number of motor vehicles in china is now over 200 million, so it will take time for the etc to handle so many cars.

however, use the etc must note, now a lot of banks for credit card business development, help the owner to handle credit card association etc, and has favorable, earlier if abc guangdong pass toll is 9.5 fold or discount can't remember.if dealt with the bank credit card etc, it is important to note that when not at ordinary times, especially when parking, card must go, otherwise it will be brush out the money by pos, etc card brush every day each of the pos machine allowance is 300 yuan, if the stolen brush every day 300, that is 9000 yuan a month, so, to be on the safe side, let you leave the car took the card out, or every time you want to use etc, when i was away when not in use.the etc card issued by luqiao company didn't have such a problem, because i did it very early, so it was also the card.although the discount is less, it's only 10% off, but it's more secure and convenient to use, no need to plug in, trouble.