it would be very realistic to be able to get away with it rather than give it an hour

to do this, let him seven years to buy eight suite, but no one wants to do!

breakfast industry is difficult to recruit and retain.there are five workers in lao yang's shop.they make breakfast for the morning.they pack it for 3,000 yuan a month, and people complain about the work and low income.

from 2000 years old yang began to learn to make breakfast start, 17 years to do only one piece.although the outside world is different, many industries are affected by the internet.but lao yang's breakfast shop has not changed much.

:people who come to the store every day are in long queues.old yang always wanted to open a branch, but the core technology of the shop--make the cake, besides he no one can top, open another shop, who do?

lao yang said, be baked wheat cake had a lot of subtle changes, skill, the machine is difficult to match.for example, fermentation, winter time and summer time are different;besides, summer should be a little lighter than winter.the same temperature, the same temperature, is different.every time before the start, lao yang will put a piece of flour into the stove to try to have a bottom!

breakfast business is not easy, lao yang 1:30 in the morning get up every day, and, it erects, wake up, buy vegetables, replenish onr's stock, mix filling...get ready to 4:30 in the morning, the workers arrived and began wrapping buns, steamed buns and making soybean milk, and the aroma of food began to spread throughout the 5:30, lao yang will start the fire, roll out the noodles and prepare for the first customer.from then on until around 10 a.m., the young man wouldn't leave the oven.from the rolling pasta to the scones, a dozen steps, he wants a person to go round and round, and again, one day to make 100 kilograms of flour.

customers queued up every day, an endless stream, he was too busy to i didn't even have time to go to the toilet, at most only a drink cool tea time.

/p>/p>/p/p/p>/p/p/p>/p/p/p>/p/p/p>/p/p/p>/p/p/p/p/p/phe can rest until he has finished lunch.old yang and most people have different schedules, while other people sleep when others go to the afternoon, it is time for yang to make up his sleep.after dinner, he went to bed early because the next day's work was about to begin.

45, lao yang is the youngest one in the store, with his other disciples learn cooking together, some became a hotel chef, some open a restaurant, only with a breakfast shop, also baked wheat cake in day and night.

:there were also 90 young people who came to work in his shop before, and he came to learn from his teacher, but he couldn't help it.the shortest was gone for three days.

is about 6 hours per day in lao can earn 3,000 yuan.but for many young people, they are more likely to choose to diligent, can do 70 orders a day, can earn at least 3 dollars at least, compare to stick a small shop, the life that runs a leg is favored by young people more.

lao yang couple, almost no take two children go out for the weekend, the store look, two children have to come and help.all the year round, only the spring festival can give myself a's too late to visit friends and family, let alone travel time.

so hard work, but the business of buying eight houses in seven years, what would you do?

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