the world's first thai boxing fist fly to the chinese fighting team head crashed qiu jianliang bit ninghui who can block him

liu wei


featherweight world rankings first of the thai boxing king test at the time of the fight, the rule is far more than the lightweight sunrise in the thai boxing emperor broadcast, recently test the top knee broke the chinese free kick captain liu wei mei bow, blood cross-flow style terror, which is already test the second victory over liu addition, the test has also overcome the chinese muay thai star zhang chunyu, death apprentice wang pengfei.

nickname"japan nemesis"test long ranked 65 kg of the world's first in the new k-1 series beat kubo excellent too, yamazaki hideaki, about tian taichen, kimura phillips and other japanese top champion, established belong to their own dynasty rule.but not long ago he was controversial lost to the world's second-ranked japanese boxing champion wild that is lost, lost the k-1 world gold belt, for unfair penalty test hearted.

china is becoming the world's first free fighting market, according to the analysis of the k-1 unfair test may be the main chinese event in the future, boxing fans have been looking forward to him and the tank qiu jianliang peak duel, the world's first and the world's third sike, think about it is exciting.but for various reasons, qiu jianliang and test the game is always thunder and rain, as qiu jianliang and bit ninghui game only exists in the media rally.qiu jianliang fans said the test did not dare to take the trick, the test fans think that test can ko qiu jianliang.

if you represent 70 kg of the world the highest level of the event is kunlun resolute war, then the 65 kg level of the top event is the emei legend of the 65 kg world king contest.emei legend 65 kg class with muay thai king xin mani,"siamese python"mangxing, kazakhstan heavy artillery aini wa, the japanese warrior security liu hui also(had ko deng zeqi), emei shao xia zhao chuan lin, china glory race one person zhang chenglong and so on a top master.china's free kick captain liu wei ago also participated in the emei legend, unfortunately lost to 63 kg class boxer apa, apa also cross-level defeat kunlun final star wu xuesong.

to some extent, emei legend of the 65 kg class gold content more than the japanese new k-1, because the players are more international, rather than the japanese side as too much to force the local boxers, so as to trigger a huge controversy.although the technology is comprehensive, and experienced, but in order to get emei legend 65 kg world champion gold belt is not too easy, if he really joined the emei legend can be considered a win-win situation.

at present, the muay thai boy zhang chenglong, emei shao sha zhao chuan lin progress quickly, is expected to short-term with the tank qiu jianliang, xiao fat bit ning hui, composed of 65 kilograms of china's four kings.this level is also the closest level of china's top level in the world, hoping zhang chenglong, zhao chuan-lin can be with the muay thai test tip on the wheat field to play two games.

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zhao chuanlin

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