domineering: find the world's first warm-up match only lippi father dare to have such a soul

recently, the chinese men's soccer team announced the schedule in november, first kicked two warm-up match, and then east asia(east) is noteworthy that the chinese soccer team warm-up match opponents are belgium and wales, the two teams are not small backing, the former is a rising star, in recent years the emergence of a large number of outstanding players, de boulogne, luka library, azar and others are the absolute thighs of the premiership team, not to mention the veterans like kong pani, and their world ranking once rose to the world first, and now still in the top ten, so this warm-up match the opponent can make the game more valuable, even if the team sent the second and third lineup, it is possible; the latter wales may be some strange, but for their headed star bell will not be unfamiliar, the european cup, they broke into the knockout, to create a history, so this team can not be underestimated, or that sentence, even if they come to the second lineup is also a strong opponent, after all, british football football is a good exercise opportunity, you can practice the player's confrontation ability, and ability to resist."back to the topic, the two warm-up match is the national football nearly a dozen years the most recent of the past few years."strong opponents, dare to invite their people, in addition to lippi, it is not think of the second person.throughout the previous coach of the warm-up match opponents:macedonia three teams, mali three teams, the philippines, malaysia and so on, no one to take the shot, fu bo is to use barcelona to practice barcelona tactics, fans ridicule, really ridiculous.< br>< img src=""></img></br></img> from the chinese cup, the quality of the game are pretty good, lippi boldly find the strength is much higher than their own team, the purpose is to exercise the team's tactical maturity and the player's self-confidence, the result is clear, deng hanwen appeared, and the 12 strong good performance, and even a high ranking, are described to find a few stronger than their opponents, the effect is much lippi once again refresh the strength of the warm-up match opponents, i believe that these two games will let the national football after the east asian cup shine.< br>< img src=""></img></br> has been away from the last seven years, win again?< br/>