the naked eye is difficult to see zhang shocked the photo

the royal society of photography organizes a variety of photographic awards every year, such as the"science photography"project, mostly through the naked eye can not see the scene.look at the award-winning works:

the head of pork tapeworm, similar to the eye thing is actually sucker, it can be parasitic in the human body, grow to 2 to 3 meters long

xenon1t set up to unlock the mysteries of the universe, which is by far the most sensitive dark matter experimental equipment

this photo is made up of images of up to 600 large and small retina images.

through this structure to deliver oxygen to the whole body

people, the right is sick people

a young healthy adult brain.

</rti></rti></rti></rti></rti></rti></rti>< rti id=0.0> the photo shows the internal structure of the ebola virus, the size of the ebola virus is about 100 nanometers(0.0001 mm) wide

swallowtail butterfly's mouth and eyes, looks very eye-catching

the moths are shining at this time moths are often mistaken for butterflies

bacteria, the bacteria is about 2 microns(0.002 mm)

process, each figure is the age of the baby's bones.minimum(the first three months of birth) in the left, the largest(2.5 years old) in the right

this is not what the building, but the corn leaves look under the microscope

looks like a tunnel, actually inside the human eye, the diameter of these pipes is 100 microns(0.1mm)!

feel up a lot of posture!

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