manual block? not the old driver to tell you the advantages of manual transmission

manual transmission(mt) manual transmission, also known as manual transmission, that is, by hand to move the shift lever to change the gear within the gear meshing device, change the transmission ratio, so as to achieve the purpose of speed.1, there is no doubt that the first point, manual transmission at least than the automatic transmission block, 2, the manual gear of the gearbox technology is mature, high reliability, maintenance and repair costs than the at's automatic transmission is lower;

3 4, with the models of vehicles than the quality of automatic cars to be more heavy, more stable vehicle;

4, the same type of vehicle than the quality of the car more important, the vehicle is more stable;>

5, manual car can be promoted in advance, you can also slide, especially for driving in the urban areas, more fuel;

    < p> with the displacement of the car, manual gear is more fuel-efficient than the automatic gear.and manual transmission of the car in the appropriate sections of the block can be skid to save fuel, and automatic gear if the neutral slip, must be more than the idle speed of oil, do not believe you can try to idle and the case of neutral engine speed who is high! many old drivers used to manually move, completely not used to automatically move, because the automatic car can not find the driving pleasure, before the sharp operation of those who did not, and only two hands holding the the steering wheel opens the battery when the battery is dead, you can push the car to drive the engine ignition, and automatic car can only call for help!</p>