former world of warcraft studio staff kick off the golden rule - nissan w king's brush golden black history

a studio employees before exposure with brush of warcraft gold bugs, but strictly speaking, this is not a bug, just use the mechanism of the game.

specific is:

    <p>the site was near the storm fjord 64.32, surrounded by a large number of small sharks.</p><p>create a guild to create 100-200 dh, no major, the shoulder is possessed by"the blood hunter's gift"(more than 20 j shoulders of the tailor made, suspected to be the blood hunter of previous card), dh lock experience, unlimited team.</p><p>brush blood method:first of all have a few number has infinite have nearby(near a large number of small sharks, and small shark blood volume is not much, it's easy to kill), and this a few have the card number bug, infinite to have in place, make sure the shoulder enchants have blood hunting dh nearby, even if not into the group, also can automatically pick up the parcel, the blood of sargeras.</p><p>this kind of studio has the card bug guild, the whole district full uniform has, take individual area for example, the guild has more than 100 people, 2-3 subspecies line, the card bug picks up the blood of the blood to descend the line.</p><p>this kind of brush gold method basically produces 600w gold, only need a computer, an auxiliary software, just now time badge price calculates the income geometry of the studio is clear.<br/></p>

the former employees also exposes some card bug union list:

deathwing guild:environmental ecology sightseeing

loken association:"the income statement fann"

swift breeze guild:"two lines through"

ice wind duty"spring flower homecoming"

burning blade"feifei ya ji"

i saw after feel so shocked!!!!!!after seeing a map of the world on thor island, the studio is already feeling crazy about the studio's money.

personal insights about this:

the project operator was so shameless, use 2-3 minutes in smoke screen, survived countless players report and scan, even blunt point card open hang card bug per month, from a dog pound to see these number is full level 100 in october 2016, that is to say card bug it's been nearly 1 years, disrupt the market, lower prices, pressure goods across!!!!!!this bug does not divide, whole area full suit suffers, the effect is too bad!!it's estimated that more people are going to put pressure on netease or blizzard to get rid of this bug.

, and on the eve of 7.3, after 7.3, the blood will only go up and down, i feel very nervous at the thought.

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