chengdu people drinking tea in the morning and playing mah-jongg in the evening, what is the source of living income?

in the park and large and small teahouse in chengdu, is groups together, a heap of dry a cup of tea can play mahjong in the afternoon, but the basic are retired old grandpa grandma, young people still in work, so we're going to look at problems in an all-round way.

you think carefully, this sentence can be applied to many cities, i'm from hefei, for example, we also have to drink morning tea in the morning here, playing mahjong in the afternoon, evening and eat hot chengdu people will eat hot pot, eating out, will this way into your life, make life more comfortable leisure, more understand life, life and this life to the whole of china, let the chinese influence on he is hot pot, mahjong, we associate to chengdu first impressions are most of the time in chengdu is the cozy with mahjong eating hot pot, it is not, of course, everyone all needs to live, how much more people in a city.

second chengdu is one of the most suitable for living in the city, is also a consumer, every year a lot of people traveled to this, so in this kind of consumption, the economy will only getting better and better, the economy, people income will increase, so the chengdu people not only to make money, and earn more.

chengdu people have been a laid-back impression since ancient fact, they can be explained in two aspects, historical origin and current society

    <.p>historical sources</p>
    <p>first, because of the unique nature of the state of heaven, rich and abundant, how to be poor and undead, a little bit of work and good taste.</p><p>the second is because the chengdu people themselves are poor and happy, not to be admitted, have a mouth to eat to be satisfied, do not spend the spare time to be used for drilling outside fast.but in any case, never play a cup of tea.</p><p><img src=""/></p><p>third, chengdu people like to make small money, especially like to blow themselves to eat and drink.what"chengdu people can make money, the business is done on the mahjong table"is pure nonsense, but it is an impractical person's psychosexuality.the vast majority of people are working class, not big business.</p>
    <p>current social status:</p>

two old people and businessmen to drink morning tea

the old man has no thing to do need to have a companion day chatting some businessmen because tea tea is a good place for business talk

three people idle people playing mahjong free traders

idle people including the old man of shift work peasants free agent is the person who don't need to check on work attendance and office traders are those that can be controlled company run group and stable operation but this part of the businessmen could work and to work in the evening dinner party

hot pot aspects

damp in sichuan province most people like to have no strange

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