the drugstores are cheap and easy to use with small ailments

season alternant

king side get sick a lot of friends

so king specially for you for some

family common small problems essential medicine

(friendship remind:not everyone is applicable)

detoxification gums sore throat


bezoar detoxify piece

if you have mild sore gums or breath of sores, might as well use this!detoxification and defeat will be prepared.


watermelon frost

qingrejiedu, effective treatment of oral ulcer and a sore throat, now have pills have spray, more convenient!


summer sangju particles

is effective for tonsil inflammation and the upper respiratory infection, and a pack of 20 bags, very cheap.

oral ulcer


oral ulcer powder

small of the ulcer surface effect is good, the ulcer surface large, want to cooperate with other drugs share



antipyretic analgesic powder

old people call it a headache powder in the home, have a headache as soon as you eat well, but don't eat for a long time, because there will be a dependency

bad mouth

>>>>hydrochloric acid aureomycin eye ointment

antibiotic drugs, to bad mouth open, can effectively diminish inflammation sterilization



metronidazole tablets

2 slices with metronidazole tablets with acetyl spiramycin 1 piece, a few cents easily cure toothache

have loose bowels





terramycin tablets

a eat good!!it's really a piece of belly!


mother eat raw piece(also called yeast and dry yeast)

have loose bowels is particularly useful for the treatment of children, particularly cheap, and mainly dry yeast powder, people who are allergic to antibiotics, is a good medicine



the foot scatters light

bubble three days in a row, we haven't relapse!!!!!!!!!!!clean and neat!

tonsil inflammation

>>>>federal amor fairy

is amoxicillin, as long as the tonsil inflammation, eat this 2-3 days commonly, particularly fast.

cough, throat hoarse


the kyoto cian loquat sugar

for a cough, a scratchy throat is particularly useful, as always with a pipa syrup, the key is convenient, portable, a sick and special runfei



vitamin c fructus forsythiae piece

a cold fever sore throat, eat two at a time.please don't use the cold and cold.


paracetamol o cafe phenol scattered

usually eat a half piece, 2 pieces of basic.



de the rhinitis,

deal with rhinitis eat is good, price is a time to eat 4 piece, eat the stomach hot, but as long as one to eat, really feel nose immediately began to flow.


antiphlogistic powder

special cheap!it is good for wound inflammation, and it also has the effect of reducing wound.

>>>>ding lin

generate hunger immediately after take 20 minutes.scalding


mabel moist burn cream

the smell of sesame oil, smells not too habit, but very useful for burns, will not leave scar, more critical is the pain!!!!it doesn't hurt as soon as it's painted.

allergic dermatitis


acetate fluocinolone cream

is very effective for atopic dermatitis, and dirt cheap!!!!in general, the store clerk will not recommend this to you.acne


clindamycin soft rubber

for acne, is commonly known as acne is very effective, especially the risk of blain blain is very effective, a sister hand puberty.

>>>>steam liquid


exogenous cold wet hysteresis, internal injuries caused by cholera cold evil in children, fever, headache, body weight, xiongge full tightness, pain, rou gui tinea capitis, brothers tinea, tinea unguium, pediatric heat rash, mosquito bites, pruritus vulvae, anus, eczema, external piles, furuncle swollen, especially in summer, the package must!


the infinite cream

can relieve itching, very effective for mosquito bites and eczema.and prices are much cheaper than some foreign brands.


erythromycin ointment

stimulus super small, super versatile, skin infections, mild burns, bug bites, nosebleeds, deficiency, can use, family essential medicine.



it's great for this thing, mosquito bites, nasal congestion, and even can also deal with smelly feet(directly to the wind in the shoes), than those who hold more than a decade or two dollars of toilet water ointment to use!

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