the most popular victoria's secret angel, liu wen is not in her column?

> from 1995 to today, there are countless angels, and below are the five most popular supermodels in the world.

1.adriana lima, driver, lima

o driver, lima

a brazilian supermodel, victoria's secret and maybelline well-known model, has been people magazine selected as last year's 100 largest the most beautiful woman in the world, and by the media comments for one of the most beautiful woman in the world.>

alexander ambrose, hugh

brazil actress, supermodel, designers, at the age of 14, stand out in a beauty competition in south africa, began a modeling career.she has been published in the journal of dt magazine, vogue japan, etc.since 2005, it has been a victoria's secret show, a veteran angel of victoria's secret.he starred in teenage mutant ninja turtles.

3.candice swanepoel candice, vanessa's

candice, vanessa's

model in south africa, have"waist"reputation, her shy quiet seem for out of judah, in all the angels with near-perfect figure, plentiful full chest, slender waist and slender legs, reservation is seductive, smile with her eyes which can speak, can't resist.

4.rosie huntington whiteley rosie, huntington, wheatley

rosie, huntington, wheatley

the british supermodel, is also the famous underwear brand of victoria's secret model, she is called a kyi moss, also was the british flag daily selected as one of one thousand most influential people.she starred in transformers 3 in 2010.

5.doutzen kroes du chen kloes,

du chen kloes,

a dutch supermodel, the model list ranked fifth, sexy list ranked 2005, doutzen kroes was voted the model of the year by internet users in vogue.

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