the biggest pit in the seven days of daocheng aden was the mountain snow fish shop

from xindu bridge by al gore temple mountain, scissors bending mountain, clip mountain, is about to enter, litang county, a relatively flat and spacious, alone the side of the road store, many tour bus parked at the dinner, we are no exception.

the vast plateau, only this one has no other shop, two kinds of food varieties.people who eat fish for 100 yuan and meat of 50 yuan per person.sounds like a big thing.img src=""/>

the so-called"meat"is a hot pot, put some cabbage, potato chips, vermicelli, tofu, wide right and floating in the above a few piece of fat meat, this is called"meat", i rationally choose meat, ten men under the table make do fill belly, call is rawish rice.eating fish is no more than a small fish per person, several elder sisters in shanghai eat fish together, after the meal curse the black shop.<img src=""/>

it can't buy to eat instant noodles can, can, 15 yuan a bowl of instant noodles, five yuan a piece of ham sausage.some visitors can only resist the pain of starvation.they were standing outside the door to watch the scenery.

the store is the most pit of tourists visit a restaurant, also became all the way we spell rice a mirror of the contrast self-mockery, in daocheng county, for example, we spell meal eaten yak meat hot pot, 80 yuan per capita, guys, satiated with food and a satisfied ge, mutual quipped:"than cod store much good food".

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