i can't get used to the things in chinese families

with the development of reform and development for decades, china has become more and more powerful, and its popularity and soft power have been growing in the world.more and more foreign friends come to china to study and travel.i believe that while they leave their footprints, they will also leave a lot of feelings.for example, we are going to introduce a foreign friend of china.let's enjoy it together, and remember to give us your thoughts at the end.i went to shanghai for the first time seven years ago, only to have a friendly visit.if someone had told me that i would rent an apartment in china, i might have thought they were crazy.but life changes, and sometimes even things happen to us, which we never thought of.

i have been renting an apartment in a small town in wudang for more than a year and i have met the chinese lifestyle.i must say that this is very different from my old habits.especially in the countryside.

    <p>chinese seldom invite guests to their homes.too much trouble, because there are so many dishes at the table.if friends want to get together, they go to a restaurant.it's pretty cheap, even taking into account the chinese tradition of inviting people to pay for everything.in wudang, a five-person lunch costs about$50.friends usually take turns to invite each other.</p><p>many families have no showers or bathrooms.there are many bungalows in our town, except for multiple apartment buildings, which look like concrete boxes.the inside is simple, but one thing is mandatory:good luck writing the characters on the door.the toilets in these houses are usually outdoors and without showers.our school cleaning ladies live in houses like this and bathe at work.</p>

    <p>but even if you have a bathroom, you won't find a toilet bowl there.even in modern, multi-unit apartments, there are no traditional flush toilets.instead, they have squat toilets.the chinese believe this is good for better digestion.</p><p>the shower water flowed right onto the floor.they only have bathtubs in very expensive hotels, and some wealthy people in big cities may be able to afford it.for the rest, they only use the shower(they are in the evening, not in the morning), and it sits on the floor.in my bathroom, water flows from the floor to the toilet.the same thing applies to washing machines.do you think it's inconvenient?you wash your face and wash the floor.</p>

    <p>the kitchen is usually small.there's only one sink, a few drawers and a stove, and there's plenty of room.the stove is always used with gas because they are cooking in a frying pan, which is a special chinese frying pan, which requires a high amount of heat.at the same time, there is no central supply.they keep bottled gas in the kitchen.</p><p>renting in china is expensive.the rent for the apartment in our town is between$150 and$200 a month.the most expensive is about$300, but the price diversity is huge.a small room in shanghai costs$600 a month, and a decent apartment will cost$2,500 to$3,000 a month.</p>

    <p>the new house is finished without a window frame.when new owners buy apartments, they have to set their own windows.this is why you often see the empty space on your neighbor's balcony window, covered with linen.i have to say, this view is rather depressing.</p><p>no matter the floor, windows and balconies are banned.the chinese say they did not set up fences because of thieves, but to prevent children from falling out of windows.in addition, almost every residential area has its own report and gate, which will be closed at night.</p>

    <p>there is no central heating system, which is why they have electric heating lamps in the bathroom.another basic element of the chinese bathroom is the electric heating lamp on the ceiling.who knows why...</p><p>in southern and central china, they have no heating at all.my friends think that the winter temperatures of 32 degrees fahrenheit and 50 degrees fahrenheit are actually warm, and they can't imagine what it would look like when it was 32 degrees outside and 40 degrees fahrenheit.the chinese don't really care about it.they just stay at home in their clothes.the residents of concrete boxes are even lighting fires to keep warm.</p>

china is not just a huge country.this is a neighboring village that cannot understand each other because of different dialects.this is a country where you can't find food in one city and not in another.i just share my personal experience, but i don't think it's universal.

look at this article, do you think this foreigner is correct?