the first meat in the winter is the first meat

is getting colder.and in the cold winter, there are many other problems besides people's easy cold.for example, joints such as the knee can be injured, causing joint pain and stiffness, which can result in cold abdominal pain.therefore, it is necessary to warm up and maintain the body timely.

, i will give you the first fruits of longevity, first meat and longevity in the's perfect for winter, and everyone has it, and come and watch it with me.

1/longevity:"the first dish"bai luobo

green radish in our country folk has the reputation of"small ginseng", also has"the winter turnip eat summer eat ginger".

radishes are rich in carbohydrates and a variety of vitamins, of which the content of vitamin c is 8 to 10 times higher than that of pears.radish does not contain oxalic acid, not only does not combine with the calcium in food, it is better for calcium absorption.

best method

    <p>the upper half of the leaf is close to the leaf, which is sweet, less spicy, and has the most should be raw, so it is better to make salad or cold.</p><p>the middle part, the taste and the sweetness level is quite equal, used to boil, steam or boil the most suitable;</p><p>at the last end of the line, it is the most fibrous place, and it is very strong, suitable for frying or frying.</p><p>the best collocation:winter people to resist cold, often eat meat more, eat meat is easy to produce phlegm, easy to get on fire.collocation of cool radish, can play cool, detoxification, the role of fire.</p>

2/longevity"first meat":mutton

removing qi and blood, remove cold in warm lamb, is a good food supplements of qiu dong season, more health qiu dong first thing.gong hongbin, national secondary public nutritionist.compared with other meat products, mutton is a green food, and sheep grow in the prairies and stay away from pollution.mutton protein content is more, the fat content is less, often eat mutton can beneficial qi deficiency, strengthen the ability to protect the cold.

lamb is very tender, easy to digest and absorb, its protein is 99%, and 98% of fat can be digested, because of this, it is said that"autumn and winter eat mutton is ginseng".

best method

    <p>lu daoping, deputy director of the nutrition professional committee of heilongjiang medical doctors association, said that mutton stew was the most tonic.</p><p>steaming, stewing, and braising is the healthiest way to cook meat in the medium of water.</p><p>on the one hand, the processing temperature is lower, producing less carcinogenic substance;on the other hand, there is little vitamin damage, which can be used to maximize nutrition.the first of the three methods is braised lamb, which is the most nourishing.</p><p>when stewed mutton, the two kinds of food, nutrition is doubled, tell the family quickly, now eat it right then!</p>

3/longevity"first fruit":hawthorn

hawthorn is qiu dong season food, also have some pharmacological, appetizers, xiaoshi, invigorate the circulation.the most prominent benefit of hawthorn is the prevention of cardiovascular disease because it contains flavonoids, which have a role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, softening blood vessels and sedation.

best method

    <p>hawthorn eat, have the effect that eliminates body fat, reduce adipose absorption, the person that reduces weight may try.use hawthorn as a soup or tea for people with a bad appetite.</p><p>best collocation:boil the hawthorn soup or use hawthorn to make tea, the best combination of cassia, can reduce blood fat.</p>

4/longevity"first multigrain":sweet potatoes

sweet potato is referred to as the"food"in the basket.sweet potato itself contains rich nutrition material, qiu dong eats sweet potato, can clean blood garbage, strengthen the spleen and stomach!

sweet potato is rich in carotene, this is a very effective antioxidants that can inhibit ldl oxidation and deposition in the blood vessel wall, also helps to remove the body of free radicals, anti-aging.

is a very healthy way to eat more sweet potatoes for hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and fatty liver.

best method

    <p>while people are used to eating baked sweet potatoes, they are actually healthier choices, not only reducing the loss of nutrients, but also reducing the harmful effects of baking.</p><p>optimal collocation:can use sweet potato to accompany rice to boil to make congee, have the effect that jianpi nourishing stomach.</p>

5/longevity"first fill":chinese wolfberry

chinese wolfberry is a kind of health food, very good chinese wolfberry is a rare medicinal herbs and supplements, has the obvious such as bright eye to raise colour effect.

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, barbary wolfberry fruit flavour gan, ping have kidney yin, the effect such as liver, yiqi, still have lower cholesterol, excited the brain nerve, enhance immune function, prevention and treatment of cancer, anti-aging and beauty effect.

goji berries are rich in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, and have good medicinal is a natural nutrient for helping to lower blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and lowering blood lipids.

best method

    <p>chinese wolfberry can be paired with various congee.chinese wolfberry also has a simple way to eat, which is sooner or later, and the absorption of nutrients in goji berries is better.</p><p>however, when you chew goji berries, you should be careful to cut the number in half, otherwise it will be easy to overdo it.generally speaking, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of goji berries per day.</p>

6/longevity"first soup":kelp tofu soup

the fourth affiliated hospital of harbin medical university nutrition expert dong-ming zheng is introduced:kelp contains algin, alginic acid, such as material, can step-down lipid-lowering, also have hemostatic effect to arterial hemorrhage.

tofu is recognized as a healthy food in the nutrition world, it has the effect of lowering cholesterol, and the lecithin is formed in the body and has the effect of preventing the hardening of the arteries.

, if you add a little seaweed to the stew, it can also help reduce the lipid lowering combination, the effect of lowering blood fat will be better.

best method

with onion ginger, onion saute in kelp, add right amount clear water boils, then cut tofu into soup, continue to boil for 5 minutes, add salt and a little sesame oil out of the pot.

7/longevity"first porridge":oats millet gruel

oatmeal is known as a"longevity porridge", many centenarians have the habit of drink porridge oats.oatmeal with millet, made into oatmeal rice porridge, the fragrance of fragrance, and the effect of the sleep, lipid lowering, the stomach and the lungs.

/p>/p>/p>, associate professor of nutrition and food research at the third military medical university, the water soluble dietary fiber in oats is rich in dietary fiber, which has the effect of lowering blood lipid, lowering cholesterol, controlling blood glucose, and so on.

many nutrients of the oats are higher than rice, such as protein is 2 times of rice, calcium is rice 10 times, minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium is 2~ 3 times, rice supplements is especially suitable for the elderly.

best method

    <p>materials:oats 100g, millet 100g, goji berries in moderation.</p><p>practice:oatmeal, millet, chinese wolfberry wash, soak in cold water for 30 minutes.add a little water to the boil, add oats, and bring to a boil.</p><p>after 15 minutes, add the millet, stir well and stir well.after cooking, add the proper amount of chinese wolfberry, turn off the heat and cook for 10 minutes.</p><p>chinese wolfberry nourishing the liver, kidney, moisten lung.add a small amount of chinese wolfberry to congee, not only adds color to add fragrance, and the food treatment effect is better.</p>


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