Ten premature aging of the bad habit, it's a pity that so few people know ~

ten premature aging of the bad habit, it's a pity that so few people know ~

is a bad habit, 10

1. Do not eat breakfast

don't eat breakfast, not only hurt the stomach, make the person tired, and too easily lead to gallstones, let a person more old.

2. No scientific sports

overeat cannot movement, movement is not good when very hungry.On an empty stomach or hunger when running, more burden on the heart.

3. Alors, pauvre con, va, with water to make tea

when making tea, it is best to use the hot water of 80 degrees, such a bubble of tea is more healthy.

4. Don't brush your teeth before sleeping

great harm don't brush your teeth before going to sleep, often don't brush your teeth, especially easy to cause tooth decay and gum bleeding, or even fall off.

5. Don't wash your face before sleep

facial makeup and dirt will irritate the skin and glands or pore blockage, impair the health of the skin.

6. Like to stay up late

remember, don't stay up late, sleep before 11 at night.Get up at 7:00 in the morning.Noon nap half an hour.

7. A family not harmonious

some family every day have a small argument, the 369 big fight.To realize man's disease, many of them don't come from a family harmony.

8. Unbalance

half of health is mental health, the disease is half the psychological disease.Don't when the mood of captive, and must be the master of emotions.

9. Smoking

the people smoking, bronchitis, emphysema, or lung, the lung cancer, this trilogy is death.

10. Drunk

the world health organization (who) has proposed six most unhealthy lifestyle: the first is the smoke, the second is an alcoholic.

2, hydrating advice right

1. Drink water after meals

the doctor suggested that half an hour after a meal drink.

2. Get a glass of water

in the early morning is the best opportunity to hydrate, a day early in the morning drink can make intestines and stomach wake up, lower blood concentration, promote circulation.

3. A glass of water before sleep

half an hour before sleep supplement moisture, let the body to maintain balance in the sleep, reduce the incidence of calculi occur.

three, five cream daily daily life

one avoid smoking in the early morning.

wake up in the morning, the metabolism of the body is not restored to normal levels, breathing slowly, carbon deposition.If the smoking, damage to the body.

2 avoid fasting drink milk.

hollow drink milk, protein could be absorbed, causing waste of nutrition.The best match eggs, bread, etc.

3 avoid reading newspapers such as toilet watch mobile phone.

many people like reading newspapers such as toilet watch mobile phone, a squat is better.Toilet reading the newspaper to see mobile phones will not only make defecate consciousness is restrained, and deprive the rectum to defecate stimulation sensitivity, easy to cause constipation.

4 avoid bath time is too long.

a bath time shoulds not be too long.

5 avoid sleeping the window closed.

if the doors and Windows closed, indoor carbon dioxide will increase rapidly, is not conducive to health.I slept, and the best save some everywhere.

four, three and a half minutes of health

wake up don't get up immediately, lay in bed and a half minutes.

sit up and take half a minute.

two legs sagging in the edge of the half a minute.

after the three and a half minutes, don't cost a cent, the body is more safe.

five, three and a half hours of health

first of all, the morning exercise every day and a half hours.Running, it may not be less than a kilometer, or in other sports, but should vary from person to person, the right amount.

second, taking a nap in the half an hour.This is the need to biological clock, and nap half an hour, in the afternoon to work, particularly energetic, old people also need to sleep, because older people sleep early at night, get up early, very need to have a rest at noon.

the third, and walk the walk when six to seven and a half hours at night.Sleep well at night, can reduce myocardial infarction incidence of hypertension.

6, health proverb

grain and red jujube, better than glossy ganoderma.

taste refined grains, coarse grains moist intestines and stomach;

eating a bit vinegar, need not to send;

since morning a glass of water, to the old don't regret;

the apple daily with her, don't have to go to the hospital;

often eat radish dishes, what also not ill;

garlic is a treasure, often eat healthy;

tofu and seaweed, often eat in addition to the disease;

eating a little ginger, without a prescription;

cabbage turnip soup, life insurance and health;

a hot day and a half piece of melon, the drugs don't grasp;

guilty gas shortage, longan rice porridge cooked;

in the morning drink salt soup, drink ginseng soup;

thirsty heart be agitated, porridge and kiwi fruit;

pepper and spicy, long food digestion.

eight, health four cornerstones

a balanced nutrition, exercise;

a good night's sleep, and happy mood.

9, four best

the best doctor is their own,

the best medicine is time,

the best mood is serenity,

the best sport is on foot.

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