Whey protein powder big demining knowledge

recently, there are a lot of kin friend to consult us about all sorts of problems whey protein powder, side to you about some common sense about whey protein powder the q&a:

Q1: how to brew protein powder, with hot water?

a: you must not use boiling water protein powder!Will lump phenomena are deteriorating, protein polypeptide composition, end to end is a lot of amino acid molecules, when protein, high temperature, acid alkali metal salt when degeneration.Not only affect the taste, at the same time also affect absorption.

Q2: protein powder is the best time to what time?

a: on the evening of 30 minutes before training, training after 30 minutes more scientific.

Q3: protein powder With creatine, amino acids, honey, l-carnitine, vitamin pills taken together?

a: can completely, these supplements is out of the conflict between each other.

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Q4: how dose calculation of protein powder?

a: for sports people, generally 1 gram per kilogram weight, such as weight 70 kg, so your daily protein 140 grams or more, the amount of protein powder should be according to the daily intake of protein to calculate (including 3 meals daily food contains protein quality)

Q5: so why is drinking protein powder will have diarrhea, indigestion, abdominal distention, stomach symptoms?

a: according to statistics, more than 80% of the lack of lactase, the yellow of lactose intolerance, so don't drink on an empty stomach protein powder, so drink the most easy have loose bowels (point to drink milk, yogurt and other dairy products is not much, because protein from dairy products)

note: milk is one of the most close to perfect nutrition food, is the main carbohydrate in milk lactose, under normal circumstances, the lactose should be in the body under the action of the enzyme lactase, hydrolyzed into glucose and galactose absorption And enter the blood.But there are a lot of people, due to the lack of the enzyme in the body after drinking milk often causes of lactose indigestion, abdominal swelling, bowel, acute abdominal pain and diarrhea, I have called lactose intolerance.

lactose intolerant of differences between RACES.It is reported that 70% of the adult black, 10-15% of the adult white, 95% of Asian people suffer from lactose intolerance.

can moderate drinking eat carbs, such as bread, cereal, etc.Better blunt water, thin a little, too little water makes the protein powder sticky into the intestines and stomach bad to absorb, mouthful drink slowly, and don't rush into his stomach, conditional drink at the same time take some lactose enzymes.

don't eat too much protein powder, a digest is a waste of money, can be divided into several times a day.And don't drink in the morning, as the most easily upset.

a: doses of increased protein powder will be a fart phenomenon due to absorption is not good, or excessive intake of protein has not been put to good use Instead of being the "villain" in the gut, bacterial decomposition piles stinky a mixture of gases.

Q6: why protein powder drink many will "lose"?

a: protein will consume in the process of metabolism of vitamin B group, you eat a lot of extra protein, and so on the consumption of vitamin B is also increased, if your body to increase the intake of vitamin B is not, it is likely to cause the phenomenon of vitamin B deficiency, in terms of nutrition, heat is the performance of the vitamin B deficiency

solution: drink plenty of water, if every day intake of protein powder, 60 g + should drink 3 to 4 litres of water, and so on.

a condition of moderate supplement VB, the compound VB can go to the pharmacy to buy small bottles, or B2, B6, B12, very cheap.

Q7: eat protein powder of muscle?

a: is not all, can not long muscles can't superstitious what to eat, the so-called "three practice 7 points to eat 3 FenYang",

protein is necessary for muscle reconstruction of "food", but on pure protein powder can increase the muscle is not realistic, can only say that intake of protein powder is one of the "necessary conditions" to increase muscle, and is not a "must", more reasonable solution is to achieve sufficient heat and to master the correct training methods, so for the average person, it needs at least 4000 calories intake daily to ensure that the body to add muscle development.

Q8: protein powder than eggs, beef, milk, chicken breast, what are the advantages of protein-rich foods such as soy?

a: digestion, absorption, time is the most main reason for being recommended protein powder.The same protein intake, digestion, absorption, the faster, the higher the blood concentration of amino acids.Experiment, the higher the plasma amino acid concentration, the more to stimulate anabolic, here the premise is that high concentrations of plasma amino acids, leucine concentration is high, and leucine to stimulate anabolic.Slow absorption of meat eggs not anabolic, is protein anabolic, just slow absorption is faster than the pursuit of the protein powder anabolic weak.

from the point of view of nutrition, the source of animal protein foods contain harmful to human body harmful material such as too much saturated fat, cholesterol, excessive edible easy to cause the body fat and cholesterol, resulting in the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.By taking protein powder can supplement the protein and to avoid these problems.Plus it convenient to take, attract high utilization rate, can reduce the burden of intestines and stomach, so take the protein powder is our best choice of protein, whey protein is priority in our choice of protein powder.

in addition, the taste is also a very important reason, once eat 10 eggs or half a kilo of beef, often can maintain this appetite is difficult when eggs and beef to swallow, believe a lot of brothers have experience.

Q9: eat protein powder can get fat?

a: protein is not easy to fat.Fat is the real reason for the excessive intake of fat and carbohydrates.

Q10: why is added to a large number of protein during the reduced fat?

a: protein powder is mainly to maintain amino acid flow, ensure that in the case of low fat, low carbohydrate, for less muscle.

Q11: how to choose and buy whey protein powder

a: a lot of whey protein on the market, the brand is very much also.You two small make up for in many brands are very popular in Europe of whey protein powder.

QNT whey protein powder to the

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protein content as high as 78% above, rich in a variety of protein components.Zero added sugar, Europe's top sports nutrition.And taste pretty good also, it is worth.

the basis of a whey protein powder as a bodybuilding supplement

is one of the biggest supplements of demand

correct choose and buy whey protein powder is very necessary to

unavoidably appear all sorts of false powder on the market, the lemon powder

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