In the history of the most effective acne removing books here

cucumber juice and white vinegar

after washing a face with warm water first, again with fresh cucumber juice mixed with white vinegar to make daub on the affected part, three times a day, after about ten minutes abluent, insist to use and a half months to heal.

purslane weeds juice

will purslane herb dolly juice besmear directly on the affected part, can also add some honey and mix better effect, rinse off after 15 to 20 minutes, especially for some suppurative blain blain has good curative effect.

h. cordata water

will be about 5 money h. cordata flush once, completely soaked 4 hours in the water.Then use the fire boil 1 to 2 minutes.After cold drink.6 hours, drink a bowl of liquid can be used to wash your face.Acne removing effect, quickly during the medication, diet or, spicy and greasy food, taste the frail diet.

in the history of the most effective acne removing of the


material: dandelion 10 grams, 100 grams, 50 grams of mung bean and honey.

will be 100 grams (one with 30 grams) dandelion whole grass decoct juice 500 ml water;Dandelion juice after adding 50 g mung beans, and green bean flower, then transferred to 10 grams of honey.Finish a talent for many times.Residual soup besmear face at the same time, the scour off after 30 minutes.Eat inside continuous external use more than one week.Qingrejiedu, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect is remarkable.

mung bean

at the end of the 100 g mung bean grind into fine shape, add a little warm water after mix into a paste after loading container for later use.Mung beans on cleaned up and before going to bed every night, evenly cream, and gently massage for 10-20 minutes.Hold for 1 to 2 months to heal.


after grinding honeysuckle powder with water to make, in the sore.Still can use flos lonicerae Fried juice, juice besmear in the affected area.Adhere to the 1-2 month effect is obvious.

in the history of the most effective acne removing of the

tomato strawberry

will wash a tomato peel, two strawberries to wash.Apply to the affected part, take the juice after daily morning and evening each once, 30 minutes abluent, insist for a long time, not only acne can whitening skin care.


will be 5000 grams of fresh carrots cooked, wrapped in a clean gauze in juice, again after the boil into a paste in the affected area, 2 to 3 times a day.Usually two or three days to recover.

yogurt, pearl powder

before bed will be a little yogurt and a small amount of pearl powder, besmear in the affected area, rinse off the next day.

in the history of the most effective acne removing of the


after wash an apple slices in a bowl, add boiling water, such as apple slices after soft, cool to warm on the affected area, wash off after 20 minutes.


if it is within the fire caused by acne, drink more water (at least 8 glasses a day), eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more vitamin.If is oily skin, can eat some tortoise snake powder capsule for a long time, can reduce sebum secretion, effect is good.

green tea water

replace toner with green tea water use, can effectively diminish inflammation and whitening the skin.

in the history of the most effective acne removing of the

ice milk

ice milk on your face before sleeping every night, make milk mask is better, the acne removing effect is obvious.

mature vinegar, egg white

the eggs into vinegar within 72 hours, remove after egg whites.Every night before going to bed with egg white coating, twice a week.The result is right.


goldthread root flour into the luffa water to make daub affected area.Effective sterilization, detoxification, convergence, the transition inhibiting sebaceous gland secretion, prevent acne.

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