Make you life practical kitchen 32 kinds of coup, god does not collect you'll be sorry!


1. When boiled pork ribs soup with a small spoon vinegar, can make the bones of phosphorus, calcium dissolved in soup, and can save the vitamin in soup.

2. In order to make the beef stew faster, so tender, add a pinch of tea with boiled, flesh and delicious and soon.

3. Stir-fry green beans in the POTS can cook for 10 minutes soon, but don't Fried coke.

4. Rejoice in flavor, fresh chicken, fish, shrimp and vegetables, such as itself has a special taste, flavor should not be too much, so as not to cover up the natural taste of delicious.XingShan smell the heavier materials, such as not fresh fish, shrimp, beef and mutton and viscera, seasoning deliberate should add some more to red in solution of condiments, such as cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, spring Onions, ginger, garlic, etc., in order to reduce bad smell freshness.

let you life practical kitchen 32 kinds of coup, god does not collect you will regret!

5. If the raw material well as poor seasoning sauce or improper, will affect the food flavor.Such as boiled meat, bean paste and sichuan in Chinese prickly ash, then made to taste is very authentic.

6. Earthy taste river fish, fish before, put the fish in the rice wine or soaked in milk for a moment, can also be pickled with red wine or beer, can eliminate the smell.Ginger and other spices, can taste, and to solve.

7. Scrambled eggs before joining a small amount of sugar, can make the egg products become fleeciness softness, in addition to join a few drops of vinegar, fry the eggs will be more soft taste sweet.

8. When boiled eggs in the water with a little vinegar can prevent shell burst, or to eggs into the cold water soak for a while then boil, add some salt in advance.

9. Roast potatoes you add vinegar, can avoid burning, but also break down toxins in potatoes, and make the color right.

10. And the tips of the dumplings: in 1 kg flour mixed with 6 egg whites, increase of flour protein, package dumplings pot protein will soon after solidification shrinkage, collect water after the dumpling dish up fast, is not easy to adhesion.

11. Boiled dumplings, in 2% salt water boiled, dissolved after the dumplings, dumplings are delicious not adhesion;And, every 500 grams of flour and mix an egg, the wrappers crisp not adhesion.

12. The man kind of snacks should we have to love to eat peanut fry ripe, sheng into the plate, hot and a little white wine, a little cool and then sprinkle a little salt, put a few days and nights are crisp.

let you life practical kitchen 32 kinds of coup, god does not collect you will regret!

13. A small spoon edible oil is added when cooking noodles, noodles not adhesion, and can prevent the noodle soup bubble, overflowed the pot.Such as add a little salt in pan, cook the noodles boiled.

14. Boiled pork belly, don't put salt first, after cooked to eat again when put salt, or pork belly will shrink as hard as beef tendon.

15. Old chicken, the duck is used to boil, meat hard not delicious;If use cold water first and a little vinegar soak for 2 hours, with a small fire stew, meat will become XiangNen delicious.

16. Fried eggplant, put some vinegar in the pan, Fried the eggplant color not black.

17. Brine tofu will typically have a taste.Tofu in the pot before, if the first soaked in boiling water more than 10 minutes, you can remove the brine flavor, so make tofu is not only good taste, sweet and delicious.

18. The Fried shrimp, shrimp first in a bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, use hand grasp soaked with water after rub for a while, and then remove with clean water, so can make Fried shrimp as transparent as crystal, tender and tasty.

19. The roast meat you early to salt will be cooked slowly, should be in the deep salt, plus a few drops of vinegar before a pot, fleshy magically become tender and tasty.

20. The burning of meat, the drunk, then add some vinegar, food will be delicious.Burn vegetarian dishes such as bean sprouts, appropriate add some vinegar, taste good nutrition.

let you life practical kitchen 32 kinds of coup, god does not collect you will regret!

21. No matter what do sweet and sour dishes, as long as according to the ratio of 1 part 2 of the sugar vinegar, sweet and sour is the best.In addition, after should first put sugar, salt, or salt "dehydration" effect will promote dishes protein coagulation and "eat" sugar, not only cause the light sweet.22.

do steamed bread, if in the yeast RouJin a small piece of lard, steamed steamed bread not only white, soft, and smell.

23. Put a small amount of alum and salt in a clean water, the raw sweet potatoes cut into more than ten minutes, wash after cooking, can prevent or reduce abdominal distention.

24. The food is too spicy or Fried with our chili pepper with a little vinegar, chili, add an egg to fry also can achieve the same effect.

25. The soup is too greasy, a small amount of seaweed on the fire roast, and then into the soup.

26. When the pot when the temperature reached the highest add cooking wine, easy to make liquor evaporation to remove the smell in the food.

27 rapeseed oil has a peculiar smell, can be put after the oil heat in a moderate amount of ginger, garlic, onion, clove, dried tangerine or orange peel and fry for a moment, the oil can become sweet.

28. Many people love to eat green vegetables, but don't love to drink soup, in fact, when cooking, most of the vitamin is dissolved in the soup.Such as Chinese cabbage Fried, there will be 70% of the vitamin C dissolved in the soup.

29 when cooking or do soup, if do salty, can take a wash potatoes cut into two and a half into the soup for a few minutes or a piece of tofu in the soup, so salty soup can by faded.

30. If the raw rice, can use chopsticks in the rice of hole some pass-through of pan, sprinkle with a little rice wine stewed, if only raw surface, as long as the surface turn to middle braised again can.

31. New bought an earthenware pot used for the first time, best used to cook porridge, or boil the water that clean out rice, use it to block the casserole micro pore, prevent water penetration.

32. Cook in the microwave oven, the first thing to drenched in condiments to raw material.This is because the process of microwave cooking well quickly, if not infiltrate through hard liquor, and the role of the green onion, ginger, garlic and other flavoured also play hard.

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