China 33 beautiful female doctor said: the stock market not only cheating, dharma masters

the stock market is a place to tell stories, stories of true and false is not important, important is someone believe it will do.Big a-share routines is: always give you A glimmer of hope in despair, expectations and pour you A bowl of cold water;Like a woman a strapless bra, half of them wondering what sustains it, while the other half are looking forward to it dropped down to take the opportunity to take advantage of a!!!!!!

for big a-shares now, that affirmation is not enough, the male thread change mood, two male thread change expectations, three Yang thread change beliefs, but at the end of the day to make money is the hard truth!

China 33 beautiful female doctor said: the stock market not only

August market has been well packaged, next week we will celebrate "the gold nine", familiar with my friends all know that I have a own stock selection method to catch shares harden the probability is very high, for example in the use methods on August 10 jianke institute 300675 funds continue to play pull litre, rose by more than 154%,

on August 14, elected by luoyang glass first rob to raise up to 600876 so far rose by more than 54%,

as of August 14 daily methods to select the pulse of science and technology of China after 603042 back on the main cost break again lift, so far have exceeded 61%,

and start the large carbon 600516, hkust xunfei 002230, sheng and resources 600392, etc.Himself is selected according to the methods for everyone today has a very valuable potential dark horse next week, let's have a look at the following two stocks before sharing:

China 33 beautiful female doctor said: the stock market not only

guardians are handled himself on August 14th column in stock selection methods to select a minute, the stock after early shock market, main started to wash the dish, the recent share prices have risen by more than 39.70%, 15 days is, of course, my column fans, as long as it is in time to see the column, studied himself "a minute stock selection methods" friends, are caught the wave.Want to learn this kind of the people to choose a way I column to see, I have a detailed explanation, if you see, ability for a candidate to definitely has a lot of improvement.

China 33 beautiful female doctor said: the stock market not only

black cats in shaanxi province on August 25, (601015) is my interpretation of the column to select and articles, the view is very clear, very timely, choose after all the way up, rose by more than 32.52% at present, before you see my column, timely intervention, this wave of income easily harvest, this is who pay attention to my fans, see my column of fans can catch the wave of the profits.

so today, I also use a minute stock selection method has elected a short-term strong ox, let us then look at:

China 33 beautiful female doctor said: the stock market not only

fell 42%, after the stock from high on double bottom reversal at the bottom of the form, and now the drop-off after moderate, it is high lock-in main plate of cutting and the opportunity to continue to raise the formation of absorption, see from chip unimodal dense, pressure plate above the basic exit.Now shares five Yang breakthrough neckline double bottom, 60 - day moving average support formation, macd fork, gold that open up space.Simply explain here, the stock code is not released, the stock analysis of the movements of the late I will be released later in the column, the want to know in advance the stock picking stocks thinking friend can go to see my column.

someone hope I pushed the stock every day, to be honest, stressed out, so many people every day to see the article that I thick calculated that Internet articles were published in the media after forwarding, total daily reading has made millions.A slight mistake, may bring irreparable damage. so, set up a column, some methods in the column to everybody as far as possible, the other to help you solve some difficult problems!

missed the good friend do not need to be discouraged, every day I will use the three steps to catch demon methods selected three potential shares posted on the column!If hold stocks bedding bag, don't know the solution set and the buying and selling point to grasp the bad friends, can come to me, I like running, we shall help, unriddling for everybody, don't charge any fees!

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