Pesticides in the salary was only 180000, but 2 million foreclosure no free!

recently, "pesticide" Zhang Daxian e-sports job-hopping from the penguin bettas are become a game of "big event".4 Zhang Daxian announced his pay penalty due to breach of contract after the 2 million report after their salary before cause the enormous vibration of public opinion.

"the glory of the king" is undoubtedly can be load the game level history phenomenon in the world, 200 million people at the same time crazy fans, the game in the first half of the tencent has become the most main source of revenue.The game also made an industry at the same time, the e-sports related to king glory become network star anchors for the moment.

as the platform between job-hopping Zhang Daxian is king had the top game of the glory of the host, from the point of fan quantity list, Zhang Daxian at least able to make the top three in king glory, particularly because of its unique image and style, Zhang Daxian is even referred to as the "a" pesticides.

the e-sports games grew up in a penguin anchors in king glory reached its zenith when natural resources has become a hot.In August the excavation Zhang Daxian betta.Job-hopping Zhang Daxian because touches the interests of the original table, suffered a non-compete agreement.E-sports successfully sued the Zhang Daxian, file a complaint against the penguin before pay compensation for breach of contract in the live broadcast of the betta must stop.

poaching resources and through a non-compete agreement to protect their core interests this is understandable, let alone Zhang Daxian this "pesticide" is to focus on the protection of "object".So before September 4th, penguins e-sports has always been standing in public opinion is the upper hand, and even high profile to retain the love drama is presented.

but on September 4, all style mutation.Zhang Daxian high-profile announced in his microblog has 200 liquidated damages paid to all penguins e-sports.But the point is, Zhang Daxian out at the same time in the statement of the fact that his income when penguin e-sports unexpectedly...Actually...Only 180000!!!!!!Knowing the truth, small make up and small partners are stunned!

it is well known that Zhang Daxian "pesticide one elder brother".In August when you leave the penguin e-sports fans quantity is 4 million, but fans number is 3.36 million, 1 months ago his fans' growth.On one side is a "pesticide" title and the fan base of 4 million, on the other side is e-sports Zhang Daxian penguin, 180000.My mama ah!Ladies and gentlemen, see you understand?In do you, touch your conscience to say, you won't move?!You won't move?!You won't move?!

if the e-sports protect their own interests to the penguin Zhang Daxian penalty due to breach of contract is for 2 million - after all, e-sports platform Zhang Daxian depend on penguin grew up, so the penguins e-sports you only give their core resources 180000 annual salary, so isn't it a bit too much.Squeezing so much of his core resources, also don't blame the somebody else want to job-hopping to other platforms - even 2 million pit jump, also explain how injured Zhang Daxian is!Now we, in turn, look at the penguin e-sports to Zhang Daxian emotional appeal, especially the 1: you are always welcome home!Small make up is really feel a little queasy, it felt like the landlord shiva to pack their bags away long said: don't lie ~ wealthy family didn't give you less corn noodles to eat, how can you say ungrateful come away?!

words net friend's welcome Zhang Daxian ran away.A netizen comment says the everyone's voice: big fairy, later any further need not 15 pieces of wheat, a bit better to oneself!

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