why does the big devil faker never use the skin? this reason makes a lot of people ashamed

faker, skt in the single, known as lol great devil, 3 world finals winner, deserved the world's first hero of the world.

read the faker game and live friends, should know that faker play the game , never skin.i believe many users and xiao bian, very curious why faker why not skin.of course, only faker know that slightly, xiaobian will find a lot of faker's interview, and finally understand the reasons for faker without skin.

for faker do not have the reason, users also have their own guess, there are roughly three.xiaobian according to faker own reason to tell one by one dialectical.

user speculation reasons, faker without skin, is to save money to buy fried chicken.

the origin of this argument is that after the s3 championship, the media interview faker, asked him to win the prize money will be used to do? faker said, want to buy 100 fried chicken please own teammates to eat.users will joke that faker so fried chicken, do not buy the skin can save money to buy fried chicken.

summary:this argument is wrong, is the netizens joking talk about playing.

user guess reason second, faker without skin, because the skin affects their own operation.

perhaps, most users are convinced that this statement, but xiao bian want to say that this is wrong.there are two reasons:first, lol although the glory of the king next door, the skin has the property bonus, but according to the feedback of professional players, some of the skin will improve the operation feel, such as the game in the common sea maneuvers, gangster gun;

second, faker had said in an interview in the s race, he did not feel the skin affected their own operations, but they do not want to use.

so what is the reason faker does not have skin?

until, xiaobian found an interview with the ogn league, the text of faker is very clear about their own reasons for not skin.

the following is the following:

이이 커 선 수 가 스 쓰 쓰 쓰 쓰 쓰<<<전에 어떤 스태프 분들 이 스킨 을 사용 했다.스킨 탭 을 잘 살피지 않다 보니 원하지 않게 사용 된 것을 본뒤 깜짝 놀랐다.경기력 에 지장 이 있었던 것 같다.기본 스킨 이었다면 더잘 했을 것 같다(웃음).진지 하게 말하면 경기력 에..영향 을 주진 않는다 고등학생 이다 보니 비용 이 없다 스킨 이 대회 서버 에서는 무료 이지만 귀찮아서 쓰고 있지 않고 있다 채광진(피글렛):.김정균 코치 님 은 올 스킨 이다

q:.faker players do not faker:there is a worker who has used the skin before the game because i do not see the skin so much after the game.it seems to have had an impact on the game.if it is the default skin i think i can do better(laughs).to the truth, do not affect the game.because i am a high school student, so no money, although the skin is free in the game but i am too lazy to use.

the original reason faker does not have skin is that it is too wasteful to buy the skin.faker was born in south korea, an ordinary family, since the small parents divorced, the family economy has been bad, the poor family of children know how early, faker in life also developed a good habit of thrift.so later, faker high school to join skt, become a professional player, although the economic situation is much better, but because of frugality, because used to the default skin free, faker still reluctant to use the skin.in fact, faker has now become a rich, not can not afford the skin, but only to the skin, but not he still remembered the frugal habit of growing up.

look again, now the child, because addicted to the game, squandered parents lucky money to buy equipment, buy skin.faker a"i am a high school student, no money, nor spend money"really so many people ashamed ah!