we guards robbery metaphysics group turned out to be by miss this wave of beauty cheer people have to serve!

believe that the last day of the finalists we, especially condi's performance must make many of the line friends are suffocated, especially in the second game even grab two big dragon is staged metaphysical peak, can do world of the tournament so play baron's estimate is only the son of the baron condi!

but xiao bian found in the we before the promo there is a beautiful figure, she is miss missy.miss really worthy of the representative of the gaming circle of beauty, do we metaphysics to grab the dragon comeback yg is relying on the strength of this wave of power off the back of the storm?

pull on the lpl many beauty host together to shoot a video for the lpl players cheer, and the players see the beauty of the strength of a direct surge!

but still have to say, condi is really the son of the day, the first two games in the game twice in the sindra, blind monks and insects to grab the hands of the dragon, really called metaphysics! after the game, even the official are appointed condi for the son of the baron! if only this is no matter, in the final draw ceremony, we more guanyi luck into everyone seems to strength slightly weaker group d, we perfect to avoid the lz, skt and other teams!

the first to avoid south korea tyrannical, we is likely to break through their two years of curse directly into the semi-finals, is this empty emperor miss to we to bring the metaphysical luck? if this is the case, then we have to go to microblogging miss miss to miss to the refueling! maybe, we can bring back the miracle to the lpl, before the completion of unprecedented achievements!

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