who told me how little my brother miss was invited to kiss the s big final

doo-play networks(douwan.com) original:october league ushered in the largest annual event, on behalf of the three strongest teams lpl strength will set off s7 finals.as the contest held in china throughout the event, so the publicity is of course to our own people, but with the title of the goddess of the contest known as the contest has become the publicity facade, this card can be said that there is a considerable

in the latest release of a recent lol official, miss appears in the the s7 group stage held in wuhan street, embrace the bear she imitated the heroic union classic role anne.

sweet smile makes people melt the heart quickly.

sister, chic with the sex at the same time without losing sexy.a cool dress she is a good figure, exposed umbilical equipment to her vest line completely exposed, past her muffled in the gym bitter practice, the original has been for this day xu li ah!

this is probably the most wild i have seen the wear of the bar!


miss:who is saying that i am a little brother i am with whom?


have to say that really big eighteen change ah, like the year when still playing career miss is completely"black boy"ah, with these years of maintenance and facial features on the more mature, temperament has been completely sublimation, just like a change of personal like, many users even suspected her whole capacity.

she also responded to the live, when she was in hainan reading, all year round exposure also never painted sunscreen, and in order to have better results in the game, their minds all spent on the game, and did not consider what to dress themselves.

for such a full-hearted game, complete the transformation into the goddess of miss, small bucket can only say:service spicy!

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