faker finally came to the top of the canyon users: national dress players quickly in place

as the skt all players, the id of the latest exposure of the players, faker's national dress qualifying tour began to keep the mystery.after all, everyone wants to kill faker, and faker where it is so easy to be killed? having said that, but the exposure is only a matter of time, when the players are guessing the devil will take what id of a time, there are friends surprised to find faker's top of the valley is actually dakjshdkj, it is obviously the name of the fight.

this is faker's national service canyon top account, the use of the meng version of juggernaut's head.drilling a 25 wins, a total of 11 games 7 wins and 4 losses, winning 63.6%.the most commonly used hero is sindra, three innings; in addition to the use of czar, vampire, rocket and other heroes.

although the winning game is almost all mvp, but also had poor play time, such as this"lying to win the game"in the 0-5 female police; in addition to playing a game ez playing wild, and ultimately"effort to"to failure ended.

it is worth mentioning that, in faker's common hero, sinde pull as a version of the strong, faker repeated use is not surprising; and the performance of the dazzling czar is very likely to become a big devil's killer, after all, the tsar in the 7.18 version has been strengthened.moreover, whether it is the sindra or the tsar, the two heroes have a common point, that is, the skills cast a particularly far away, used to bully the hands of short heroes and then fit.

faker:? the the

faker finally came to the top of the canyon, the national dress finally have the opportunity to kill single faker.however, the minds of netizens obviously not only:not only to kill faker, but also to play him.

, start your personal show".

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