women 's postpartum milk sparse mother - in - law blame her too thin actually because of pregnancy when doing something

healthy big fat boy.in the whole family are very happy when the mother-in-law found that children do not like to suck milk, often hungry wah-wah cry.thought that the child is too small, sucking strength is not enough, her mother thought to miss lee's husband to help, but did not play any role.impatient mother-in-law also complained about his daughter-in-law, which miss li distressed, but also bought their own milking device, there is no obvious effect.

depressed miss li accompanied by her mother to the doctor for help.one into the outpatient mother-in-law began to ramble:"i am a daughter-in-law ah, too thin, you see the skinny, my grandson is not enough to eat."but really ordinary mother said that? under the guidance of the doctor, miss li said the knot.

the original is in the production of a few months, she was a variety of small problems and her husband always bicker, every day mood is not happy, muffled, always feel chest swelling, but also the two pain, no appetite.doctors explained that the symptoms of miss li said the chinese medicine said that postpartum milk, also known as"postpartum milk not work,"refers to postpartum lactation milk less or no.chinese medicine believes that the etiology of the actual situation of the points, the virtual are mostly weak blood, milk source of the lack of; those who are mostly due to liver qi stagnation, or qi stagnation, milk can not.miss li tongue red moss thin yellow, pulse string, it is evidence of liver qi stagnation.

prescription, and asked her to beat the liver and gallbladder two, seven days after the referral of her mother happy to say that milk down.in fact, postpartum lack of milk, serious words, milk deposition, poor discharge, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of acute mastitis.so it is necessary to maintain a good mood, with particular attention to, breastfeeding time can be more than 30 minutes each time the best.before the milk, after the milk of different nutritional ingredients, breast milk will be the side of the milk after the net and then the other side.

this article only in science, if not appropriate to the regular hospital to find a professional physician treatment.

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