the world's most girls will wear clothes to learn! she is wearing this fall

[hour] attention"fashion clothing with tips", we together with the united states the

like miss chung is not a year or two, compared to other fashion bloggers, miss zhong is definitely not by face to eat, also with magnetic smoke throat! the most admirable is her clothing, the british wind inside with a little girl feeling.

the following hours on the inventory of miss zhong autumn favorite 4-like single product, small fairies can take this oh!

everyone looks at miss zhong's skill, last year's fashion week, she is simple to use a single very ordinary blue shirt, take a skirt, spike other demons and ghosts! was a lot of media as the most beautiful street show off the show.

the and then wear a choker, girls heart flooding! a graffiti shirt, from last year to wear this year, is also very save!

the basic models of light-colored shirt, she should have 10086! take a pants or pack skirt, painted a red lips to go out.

she is a basic section, but it is very textual or little special design.

for example, with a shirt with a skirt, this is really nice!

color coat, neutral coat and a sense of boring.

mary jane shoes

miss chung really super love mary jane shoes.

one word with a small rough is also topshop, fast fashion brand can be found similar style!

this set of vogue map is also very famous, so simple set, a pair mary has a sense of fashion.


has been popular nine points jeans, miss chung also super love, from march has been spread to august.

autumn can use nine pants to take any clothes,

or the slope with the straw shoes, are super! it is good! look! this slightly wider leg jeans for any leg-type sister paper, do not pick the body~

nine pants the easiest way to wear, that is, with a shirt with slightly! be sure to expose an ankle.


miss chung is very fond of small bags, especially looks like a box of bags.

there is also her back red mark cross.

love leopard elements, small bags of course, leopard!

p> what would like to talk can be private hours xiaoshi130601 oh!

hours will be on the way to the united states with you all the way!

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