old children were mother suddenly hit the strange death of the parents pay attention to the children here can not touch

for more naughty children, sometimes it is really scolded; only play will work.and this child does not fight, i am in favor; but for children to play this sense of proportion or to grasp, or will be a big thing.

miss li son academic performance has been poor, parents very tired.his son usually doing things is careless, exams will often appear some small errors; teachers still criticized the parents at the meeting, miss lee every day to monitor his son earnestly write homework.

one day the son of the side to write the job while playing the game, the heart of the two must write the job will be wrong.miss li to check his son's homework, issued a lot of small errors, so ask up, his son does not admit that they play the game lead to errors.

maternal and child two people quarreled, miss li yue said the more gas, easily go to the children's head and then hit the son of crying up.miss lee to see this situation helpless sigh, hope his son can do long memory to do homework.

the next day when his son got up, found his son after the brain swelling from the child said dizziness uncomfortable.this is quickly sent to the hospital, the doctor said after the diagnosis has been late; children due to external force and brain craniocerebral injury, brain bleeding.

hear this result, miss li burst into tears, shouting sorry son.did not think of their own hit to take away the child's life.

the doctor said that for children to education, naughty children can corporal punishment; but to fight the child to have a degree, head, face and other important parts of the body do not fight, you can thugs, legs these places.

your child is less naughty than your child.how will educate him? welcome message and editor to communicate.

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