married three years traveled the size of the hospital finally diagnosed for the fertility of her husband was relentlessly abandoned!

married for three years, traveled the size of the hospital, the final diagnosis can not be fertile, her husband mercilessly abandoned!

miss zhang and her husband married for three years, from the time of marriage began to prepare for the pregnancy, but the delay is no good news.miss zhang's husband and reminders of the urgent, but the child is not anxious to this order to early pregnant with children, miss zhang traveled a large hospital small clinics, bitter soup no drink less.mother looking for remedies, miss zhang did not ask what to eat, she was afraid to know more than eat.

but no matter how hard, no time to see the effect.finally, miss zhang and her husband had to go to a large hospital, the doctor said miss zhang's endometrium is too thin, can not be pregnant.the words of the doctor let the husband and wife desperate.accompanied by the family to listen to this thing turned away.her mother was loudly clamoring:"what, she can not be born, can not be born to her what, divorce."

the next day miss zhang received her husband's divorce agreement, miss zhang sad.want to take care of her husband's family is to see zhang's property to marry her, had wanted to have a child to make see miss zhang will not be pregnant, little old feelings are not read, directly to divorce.

endometrial thinness refers to the ultrasound examination of women the thickness of the uterus is less than 8 mm.caused by the lack of hormone secretion in the body, menstrual cycle is not normal, leading to thin endometrium.there is a number of curettage after surgery, uterine thickness did not recover.uterine congenital malformations, is the reason for thin endometrium.

the thickness of the endometrium in 8-10 mm is a prerequisite for conception, too thin fertilized eggs can not be implanted, it is difficult to pregnancy.even if pregnant, because the uterus can not give enough nutrition, will lead to miscarriage.endometrial thin will also induce a lot of gynecological diseases, affecting life and work.

the lack of hormone secretion caused by the disease can be adjusted by hormones, slowly restore the thickness of the uterus or pregnant hope.repeated abortion caused by a long period of rest, the intima will slowly recover.uterine malformations caused no way, and may never have the hope of pregnancy.

more than the rest of the normal diet, do not stay up all night to develop well of life, the body will be this also reminded female friends, do not casually abortion, miscarriage is not a means of contraception, ruined his body, would like to pregnant again difficult.xiao bian feel.couples should have a difficult when the, this irresponsible man, from the ye hao.

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