let my wife back to her mother tires i bring my lover home neighbors scared me quickly to find his wife

wife is a very petite kind, is particularly gentle, listen to her husband, then......

the kind of obediently type.after marriage i am also very sad my wife, she needs what i will buy her, and soon she was pregnant.

after pregnancy, my wife seems to be a lot of cold, all day facing the baby in the stomach to himself, and his wife's character and very cautious, all the baby a little bit of bad things she will not do.when she was pregnant for four months, she refused to intercourse with me.i really can not accept this point every day i am tired and tired in the company, i hope to go home to find a good wife at home, and now want to go against a wooden man at night.even hold her do not let me hold it, after a few months how do i boil past ah?

later, i took my wife to find a doctor, the doctor also said, if i really could not help, but also intercourse, but pay attention to sense of proportion.i was in front of the doctor's face and his wife to ensure that after the return of his wife or refused, i said once a week line, but he said a man can not control their own room.i was really a little angry, she was a serious distrust of me, when i had a quarrel with her, and then went out.

at the bar i met miss liu, said she did not refuse her husband when she was pregnant, but later died of her husband, she became a widow.the more and miss liu chat, the more i feel that his wife a little fuss.you must have encountered such a situation before the phone, do not your wife will refuse you? would you refuse your husband? i think miss liu and fate, that night i and miss liu left each other contact method.

later, the wife still refused to live with me, met the upset i will find miss liu came out to talk, that drink more wine, the two of us also had a relationship.slowly, my attention finally transferred from his wife that miss liu that wife peace of mind to keep her tires, as home after the reward, to miss liu is responsible for the.

i always feel always go to a hotel is too expensive, and he likes to open miss liu superior room, so i encouraged my wife back to her parents child support, the way her mother and a good chat.i said goodbye that finally convinced his wife, then called the acquaintance to drive his wife to the countryside to go home tires.my wife left after i called miss liu to my family, luck is back, just next door to see the aunt.fortunately, i cheated in the identity of my cousin.and miss liu stay at home, i put the door locked, so that some people to trouble.

and miss liu wen, the phone rang, only to find his wife to play the phone.at that time i was really teng not shot to pick up, but also too lazy to pick up, and then back to the phone again after some cloud after the rain, only to see the phone, his wife actually played more than a dozen phone calls, i hit the past, she shut down the phone.pregnant man's temper is really big! while miss liu in bed, i am ready to go out to buy rice, go out to meet the next aunt, i am afraid she found something, and quickly locked the door.aunt and i said, my wife just stood at the door for a long time, say how my house can not open.i locked the door, of course, not open.but i feel strange, my wife is not back home yet? let me crash is, my aunt and his wife said i and my cousin in the house, how could the door open it? this aunt is really mouthful ah! i quickly open the phone to call his wife phone, or shut down, i found her hair messages.bad, his wife to abort!

i rushed to the hospital finally found his wife, the original she is back to take things, but i found her carrying her tricky my wife and i explained that miss liu is really my cousin, we did nothing at home.my wife pulled me a taxi home, miss liu is still sleeping, his wife pointed to the house of the messy, asked me to explain what.i was scared to his wife to kneel down to admit mistakes, but his wife is now to puncture, i stopped all stopped, we say, how can i do ah looking at still sleeping miss liu, my intestines are regret the green.