lols: if you are still defeated! rng fierce battle five games lost skt missed the nest

beijing time on october 28, s7 league world finals semi-final in shanghai.rng once again and skt played against the world cup, the previous record to skt3-1rng end, both sides of the world war ii or eventually won the skt victory!

the first game skt chooses blank to the bp phase, the rng blocked skt's jess, xia and the barrel, the preferred pig girl.skt took out the robot to deal with the wind girl, the captain should be careful.

start mlxg came to the road gank, huni crossed or killed, pigs get a blood.after careful move under the road, rng kill skt wild auxiliary, access to close to 1k economic advantage.

rng full attack on the road, once again kill skt under the road, but huni captain single shot on the road a blood tower.rng completely do not relax the rhythm, continuous push the tower, play 5k economic advantage.on the road can also suppress the captain of the single.the first 29 minutes, rng arrested faker's gallio, won the dragon buff, and then hit the group played 2 for 3.36 minutes, skt want to catch uzi, but rng support in place, anti-kill two, turned down the middle ground, won the dragon buff, and then caught in the ancient dragon skt, won the first game.


the first game mvp spicy pond of the pig girl to master the wild rhythm

the second game skt removed the rng on a board to play a very good care of pig women, both sides battles.skt got the road with a single card of the card honey, the road out of the velus and female tan two strong open hero, the middle is out of the support of the strong ability of gallio.while the rng is elected on a good play on the array of adc mice and the suppression of blue steel film band nal.

in the early days of the game, skt hit the road very aggressive, online the knife to suppress the nearly 20 knives, auxiliary luo is also directly on the line stage was killed.

mid-term rng wants to use the nightmare to bring their own offensive rhythm, but is always skt's gallio support to resolve.see the rng to fall into the desperate letme of the nal stood out in the regimental fight to kill the residual blood behind the road combination.rng gradually began to retrieve the state.

late skt caught the rng's road , in the kill rng ueno two directly after the big dragon to expand the economy to nearly 10,000.skt, after all, skt, the economy leading them to show the strength of the defending champion, faker directly took out the murder book, in the face of such equipment gap, rng powerless days, the final skt to score 1 to 1.p>

the second game data

the second game mvp faker support in place of gallio

the third phase of the bp stage uzi selected wynn adc , skt continue to come up with a single gallio, xiaohu is selected ritz to deal with gallio.

out of galico's consumables, but after a while xiaohu directly to the tower alone to kill the faker and ruiz was defensive tower to kill gallio.

rng bent on the skt road, five people then came to the middle to kill faker.but skt use of small guns and lulu on the line is still the first to push down the next line of a blood tower.skt tried to surround the road surrounded by the killing of wei, but the road green steel shadow tp was mao kai interrupted, rng anti-successful, leading 1k economy.

20 minutes, rng pig again forced to kill the skt directly under the rng won the big dragon buff.but skt on a single qingguo choose not to go home to continue with a single, rng decisive choice to wave off skt crystal.


the third game mvp is still spicy incense pot to play brave pig

fourth game skt out of the we good at the system, in a single gallio, lulu under the road to protect the mouth, on the road with a barrel of nal playing wild.rng chose the mouse to do the rest of the restraint, playing wild took the version of the strong open prince.

completely disrupted.constantly invading the wild area of ​​the rng in 13 minutes when the wild through the barrel to win a barrel of blood.mid-term rng playing wild rhythm a bit lost, skt seized the rhythm of the empty period won a blood tower to the early field of economic disadvantage to recover back.

late skt to seize the prince's mistakes, playing the prince after the collapse of the dragon directly to force the group to kill rng more people directly after the big dragon.see skt with big dragon sub-push, but the rng played a wave of perfect group, directly off the skt baotuan four.see the rng has the opportunity to comeback, but in the skt road to advance the rng mice were killed after the injury skt direct road exterminate rng four after the end of the game.both sides battle into 2 to 2 level.

the fifth game rng first grab a small cannon, the last hand out of the blind monk playing wild.skt is selected the fifth to gallio, the last hand female police out counter counter.

start on the road to happen, skt surrendered three flash, bang won a blood.but the skt under the push tower rhythm and did not rise, the two sides are still on the road five or five open.but skt on the wild to the rng a lot of pressure, nal took the lead on the road off a towel.after the two sides choose their own line, skt in the tower for a slight advantage.the two sides entered a long period of development.

skt caught the blind monks won the dragon after the smooth victory of the game to win the finals!

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