faker is playing sao hero again!and almost five murders

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on single faker

faker hero pool is a representative of the outstanding of professional players, and this is also reflected on the passers-by qualifying.faker is a perfect fit for the rest of the world, except for the occasional wave and the occasional rough ride.just now, faker played a list, and this time he took out lol's infamous alchemy singhid, and he got four kills!how exactly did it do that?take a look at the alchemy of the big devil!

due to start faker offline, then can only be transmitted directly online, first make a tp?

single and then by the crocodile killed...

faker sends a blood daily, and it's very common to kill faker in the look of the king of korea.of course, it is not the familiar chinese unit, faker still has a lot of openings.

continue to be a crocodile pressing

crocodile online ability is very strong hero, the hero can continue until mid-the strength of the period.faker's alchemy tower was replaced by 1, losing a lot of troops.it was supposed to be the end of the game, but it was never expected that the game took an important turn in the 20-minute dragon ball.

the faker gold transfer scored four kill!

gold mixed mess ability is very strong, and the new version of the gold as passive move speed bonus, fly up to let him run in melee, the wave of various gas faker, super glue, shoulder throw, scored four kill directly, it's a pity that the robots blink run without the opportunity to kill for five.the battle was over, and faker went from 1-3-3 to 5-3-3, and then he couldn't help it.

a faker reversed 4 show

now gold passive can offered him a very strong maneuverability, faker, in the face of the four gank open gas until his teammates came up, speed up and ran away.then the other side was hit by a wave of 0 for 3, the big dragon's four kill, plus this wave of three kill, the head still lag behind faker side obviously in the momentum have begun to crush the opponent.

faker flashed into spring

due to the other side of the road under the combination is the bang and sky, therefore faker in the win select flash directly rushed into the water...his teammates didn't go with him.faker and skt made it to the playoffs, and the game between him and bdd was once again the focus of attention.what kind of heroes will the two sides show?wait and see!


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