Healthy men of 10 big gold standard to 6 only qualified!


what kind of man is really healthy?Before, the United States more than a dozen health experts after long efforts, released a list.Experts say that if these ten can reach 6, is qualified as "healthy" real men.

1, he has a high level of HDL

the world each year about 356000 men die of heart disease, cancer is twice as much."If there's plenty of HDL in the blood (HDL), is basically don't have to worry about."Cardiovascular expert Dr Mr Eckert, points out that "HDL has the effect of cleaning artery, if we can reach or exceed 90 mg/dl, rarely happen serious blood clots."

a study of 8586 men of Israel lasted 21 years of tracking survey confirmed this view, the highest HDL levels man died of a stroke risk is minimal.To increase HDL levels in the body, he needs at least 4 times a week, every time 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise.Normal blood levels of HDL is about 40 mg/dl, best can achieve twice the number.

2, two or three good buddy

the two elder brothers son can't be his current colleagues, neighbors, fitness coaches, etc., in short is not any fixed in the people in his life.Psychologist Dr Xie Re DE think, if a man over the age of 35 conforms to this standard, shows that he has a healthy social contact, he will be more than two-thirds of the men a long life.This means that he put the friendship based on common interests, rather than geographic adjacent, work, life convenience and so on to compare things impetuous variable, and it is these things make the vast majority of men after age 40 snobbery and sophisticated.

3, he answers to the following two questions "is"

two questions are:

"every morning, you look forward to go to work?"

"every afternoon, looking forward to you coming home?"

after 30 years of practice research, Dr Gray byrne, found that people who hold the affirmative answers, the risk of dying from heart disease is very low.

4, PSA value less than 2.5 ng/ml

PSA for prostate specific antigen.Sea, said Dr. Prostate cancer experts, the indicators suggest that the risk of prostate cancer he is lower.

5, ejaculation ability

after a had fun in the bed of the movement, he should reach 5 ml of the ejaculation.Sea, says Dr, and this is the most direct expression of prostate health.

a simple measurement: measure 5 ml water, pour into a clean inside the condom, remember the location of the water, the next will be able to estimate the volume of ejaculation.

6, can walk 3 km in 28 minutes

can for quite a long time to keep the pace of light, strong, is really a good way to measure physical health.

according to Swedish researchers' conclusion, a healthy 40-year-old man, should be after 28 minutes walk 3 kilometers, equivalent to a normal stride walk 134 steps per minute.

7, balance the muscle strength of

most men are keen to make muscle extrapolation of excessive movement, such as push-ups, but less real men has a balance of power.

the ideal situation is that his biceps and triceps strength ratio should be 1:1, that is, if he can pull open 25 kg of cable machine 10 times, also should be able to push 25 kg of thruster 10 times.

his quadriceps and hamstring strength ratio is 3:2, that is, if he can weight 30 kg leg lifts 10 times, you can press down with the leg just 20 kilograms of 10 times.If after the test, found his muscle power imbalance, so please strengthen exercise strength weak muscles.

8, rapid climbing

Dr Gray byrne said: "' blues scheme is a kind of method to test the heart force, the most accurate, but also the most ruthless."It is very simple, let him walk on a treadmill, gradually increase the gradient of the treadmill, until can not exceed their steps."Most of the 30-40 men can stick to 9 minutes, if you can reach 12 minutes is wonderful."Dr Gray bourne concluded.And we have higher standards: 15 minutes, it means that the excellent cardiovascular health.

9, wear the line into the pinhole, a successful

this means he has very good depth perception and stereo acuity.If he doesn't wear needle or play won't always pick up when the ball, consideration should be given to an eye doctor for an Titmus test - measuring the three-dimensional resolving power of the eye, can be diagnosed with amblyopia.

in addition, the eye exam every year also need special do the inspection of glaucoma.Glaucoma is a disease resulting in increased intraocular pressure and the eye tissue destruction, there are 100 million people in the world because there is no timely diagnosis of glaucoma and is gradually lose vision, visible this check is very necessary.

10, the body left and right sides is symmetrical,

the quantity with flexible rule the perimeter of his wrist, ears and nostrils.If the place left and right sides is symmetrical, or vary within 1 mm, he is a born athlete.Liverpool scientists did to 50 male, a study has found that the most symmetrical body man runs fastest.Body is balanced, do strenuous exercise self-control is, the better.

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the ten gold standard of healthy men, 6 to qualified!

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