Li Tiegong: these parts sweat was the fault of the diseases of love

special love sweating, move a little sweat, let a person comfortable.

actually, sweat gland is the "air conditioning", the human body is the body's natural care products.Summer sweat less, cold, dermatosis, insomnia will knock, heart disease incidence is doubling up.But khan is a barometer of the human body, some abnormal sweating signals are warned of the silent body.

what about how to just calculate abnormal sweating, there is a basic criterion.

, for example, the same condition, no sweat to have dinner with you, and you have full head big sweat, means that you may be abnormal sweating;

if the weather is not very hot, you sit still kubla khah dripping wet, then you certainly also very sweat.

simply, if it weren't for movement, dressing or thick hot and sweating, or a little exercise will kubla khah dripping wet, means that the human body may appear abnormal situation, should be taken seriously.

Li Tiegong: these parts love sweating was the fault of the disease of


abnormal head sweat, stomach fire flourishing

the head is the will of ZhuYang, sun be the spirit of this should be the most sufficient, its solid perturbation force should also be strongest.Once the head sweat and body without sweat or less sweat, or often sweating, maybe means that the sun be the spirit is weak, (for metabolism of children, the head sweat more is normal).

in addition, it also and stomach fire prosperous have certain relations.Determine whether the cause of the stomach fire, but also look on dry mouth bad breath and red tongue coating, toothache, constipation, etc.

advice: get plenty of sleep, eat removing food, such as jujube, beef, yam, honey, poria cocos, also brews medlar tea drinking every day.For because of stomach fire caused by sweat, to drink more boiled water.


forehead perspire, abnormal liver Yang syndrone

if forehead sweat a lot often, TCM believes that may be caused liver Yang syndrone.

advice: try to keep the peace of mind, less angry, to assure enough sleep, otherwise easily lead to Yin deficiency, liver Yang syndrone.: medlar tea drink, every day have a flat of liver function.

Li Tiegong: these parts love sweating was the fault of the disease of


nose abnormal sweating - lung qi deficiency

if the nose always sweating at ordinary times, lung qi deficiency, need to regulate fill gas.Western medicine thinks this is a manifestation of the low immunity, it is necessary to improve immunity.

advice: lung by banging on the arm with both hands every day, by beating the stimulation, can regulate the function of the lung.


neck sweating anomaly, endocrine dyscrasia

the neck is not too much sweat glands, if often sweating, may be associated with endocrine to be not moved, and also in hot and humid.Due to wet adhesion, poor person in the body, is often shown as the upper part of the above or neck sweating.

advice: usually adjust incretion mainly start from the diet, exercise, supplemented by drug treatment when necessary.Can eat more high protein food of a class at ordinary times, remember to drink more water.


underarm sweating anomaly, sweat gland is too big or heavy diet

because a large number of sweat glands axillary distribution, sweating more easily so.If the secretion of sweat too strong, and the smell is very big, can show the taste of diet is overweight.

advice: to light diet, eat more fruit and vegetables.If you have body odor, can shave armpits, direct moxibustion armpits.


anomaly, spleen and stomach and chest sweating

if chest sweaty, TCM believes that this is a manifestation of the spleen and stomach and, shows that the circulation of blood in the body slowly, oxygen transport is not smooth.

advice: don't be excessive anxiety, eat less fat, cold food, can through the proper motion, such as walking, tai chi and eight brocade, relieve pressure, adjust the mood.


abnormal sweating hands heart, blood deficiency

if the emotional tension, excitement, or fear, control or arch would be easy to perspire, TCM believes that this is the spleen loss operation, the spleen and stomach wet and heat, blood deficiency.

advice: eat only 8 minutes full, avoid eating cold food, protect the spleen and stomach.And in the morning and once, every 5 minutes.


blood glucose instability friend abnormal sweating -

with diabetes blood sugar is not stable, often characterized by upper limb or chest sweating increases or sweating asymmetry, sweating may occur in normal room temperature.

especially worthy, some patients will have the night sweating, morning will feel headache, fatigue, these symptoms suggest nocturnal hypoglycemia may have happened to the patients.

advice: when patients with nocturnal hypoglycemia, must seek help from a doctor in time, so as to avoid danger or an accident.To prevent the occurrence of low blood sugar, diabetic patients must carry some snacks can improve blood sugar, when you go to sleep at night in bed, for a rainy day.

Li Tiegong: these parts love sweating was the fault of the disease of


abnormal sweating - gas virtual

winter or summer, not in the daytime activities or mild cases, sweat out more often.These people often have weak, speaking voice low, poor appetite, such characteristics as easy to catch a cold, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks is qi deficiency.

advice: diet can choose yam, soybean milk, beef and mutton, etc., can also be used or astragalus codonopsis pilosula stewed chicken or bone, in order to benefit the body, relieve blood stasis.


sleeping sweating - Yin deficiency

sweat to sleep, woke up a sweat, Chinese medicine called "night sweats.These people often have hot hands heart, nerves, facial redness fever, oropharyngeal drying characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine thinks is Yin.

advice: diet choice of lily and snow pear nourish Yin, mutton, onion, green ginger garlic less hot food, such as available straight ladybell, dwarf lilyturf, fructus schisandrae, or American ginseng and other bubble water to drink.


sweat color anomaly, courage lung has a problem

of doctor of vice director of dalian municipal central hospital regions Zhang Kuijun is introduced, the color of the real sweat.If there is one color, that is about to alert the ~

yellow sweat

sweat in yellow, how is the one called because blood bilirubin caused by high concentration of substances, mainly in liver and gallbladder diseases, such as acute or chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, cholecystitis, etc.In addition, too much eating carrot, orange, orange and other fruits and vegetables, also can appear temporary yellow sweat.White sweat

look from TCM, white lung, lung color is now exposed white sweat, mostly cardiopulmonary due to Yang deficiency, often associated with cardiopulmonary function is weak.Sometimes, the pain (such as stomach) can also cause white sweat.Red sweat

sweat appear red, more related to endocrine disorders, may also be a portion of the form in bleeding.May be in the face and arms produce pigment caused by bacteria, also may be caused by drugs, chemicals, such as potassium iodide red sweat can also occur.

green khan

sweat into turquoise, suggesting the bile leakage, such as acute suppurative cholangitis.


sweat taste abnormalities - body disease

the urine smell

sweat sends out a smell of urine, sweat will crystal in the skin after being dried, common in uremic patients.


sweat with special smell, may be related to heat or damp heat syndrome, generally belong to liver heat, or more can be found in cirrhosis of the liver, can alleviate the symptoms with chrysanthemum bubble water to drink.Aroma

to sweat out fragrance, is often the signs of diabetes patients.

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