There is only 4 kinds of illness!3, send your health advice, really


work busy!Pressure big!No time!These words is a lot of attention to preserve one's health care is helpless to answer.Wasn't difficult at all, in fact, keeping in good health, also do not need to deliberately do, only need to change the details of life, you can become a "health's got talent".Below small make up share several dean summary regimens, believed to inspire you.

only four kinds of disease in the world!Is 3, send your health advice, and nothing but the

1, there is only four disease

- national health steer clear standing deputy director of the state family planning commission, the former Beijing hospital Lin Jiabin

the diseases of the world now, if it is not classified according to system and cause, only four:

the first: got can cure

such as a cold have a fever, have loose bowels.Under the condition of modern medicine, this disease can cure completely.

must actively to treat, don't drag, drag for a long time is more serious, even life threatening.

the second: got incurable disease

disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, slower, not after, but can delay the course of drug treatment.

in the face of this disease, early detection is good, if you find that late, don't importune cured, prescribed medication adherence is right.

the third: people caused by old

with the increase of age, body there will be a joint degeneration, memory loss, degenerative diseases such as cataracts.

the most important is must FuLao, adjustment state of mind to accept the change of the body, don't importune doctors must cure to which the ideal effect.

4 kinds: medical didn't conquer

the current medical science can only take the palliative care patients relief from pain diseases, such as glioma or pancreatic cancer.

there are a lot of patients know this kind of disease cannot effect a radical cure, still want surgery, in addition to spending money, the patient will suffer great pain.

right attitude is to listen to the doctor's advice to take conservative treatment to reduce the pain, try not to active intervention.

only four kinds of disease in the world!Is 3, send your health advice, and nothing but the

2, medicine than to eat, to eat than god fill

- Beijing university of Chinese medicine dongzhimen hospital Wang Yaoxian

a lot of people ask me what is the health care secret recipe, actually very simple, everyone can master: spirit, diet, in daily life, fitness movement.

Chinese emphasize "is better than a medicine to eat, to eat than god fill".

remember: sleep well child nap is better than eat more dietary supplements.

I see a lot of high blood sugar, high blood pressure patients, and associated with irregular life, good to stay up late.

if long-term stay up late, lowered blood glucose, blood pressure hormone, metabolic disorders, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

in addition, eat at ordinary times to ensure timing quantitative, routine, proper motion.

there is, keeping in good health to comply with nature, does not need too much at home.

I often encountered some hypertensive patients, temper, love quarrel, also very impatient when communicate with the doctor.

I would tell them, mentality to peace, emotional can increase the risk of disease.

only four kinds of disease in the world!Is 3, send your health advice, and nothing but the

3, nourishing the stomach, secretly out leftovers

- Peking University first hospital yu-cun liu

to nourishing the stomach, had better not eat leftovers, because these things easy metamorphism, had hurt a stomach.

the old man always put the leftovers in the refrigerator and bacteria in the refrigerator so long, actually just looks relatively slowly.

my mother-in-law like hide leftovers, the old man love ah, say fail, daughter-in-law and I can only secretly out, then I daughter-in-law say we ate it with the old man, the old lady still feel happy.

in life do not smoke, drink, don't eat salted food and excitant food, can from stomach trouble.

smoking will not only hurt the lungs, will also cause gastritis.Because of the lung, and blood circulation in the rich role to internal organs, nicotine in smoke into the stomach, will cause harm to the stomach.

only four kinds of disease in the world!Is 3, send your health advice, and nothing but the

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